CVPE Fall Conference Recap

A CVPE parent shares a recap of CVPE Educational Forum, Inc.'s Fall Conference: On Saturday, November 21st, I had the pleasure of attending CVPE Educational Forum, Inc.’s Fall Forum. It was held at the United Way of Greater Houston’s center and featured some of today’s most prominent and compelling voices in education in both the Houston community and in the state of Texas. Read more

HISD Says It Won't Bully Opt Out Children

The HISD School Board approved a policy on Thursday that recognizes the Opt Out movement and states that Opt Out children will not receive negative consequences for their parents' decision to refuse the STAAR assessment.  The new policy has some very real shortcomings and demonstrates a lack of understanding of Texas State law. But the fact that it came before the Board at all shows that HISD is taking Opt Out very seriously. Read more

Fall Conference Current Issues in Education: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

The CVPE Educational Forum, sister organization to Community Voices for Public Education, is holding its first annual Fall Conference on Saturday, November 21, from 8:30-5pm at the United Way.   Read more

Burrus Elementary Principal & HISD Abuse Power, Refuse to Allow Students to Learn

As they did in April 2015, Houston ISD is going on the offensive against their students and families. They are deliberately breaking the law and established district procedures that violate the TEA Education Code and in doing so have caused serious harm to two students. HISD is retaining a set of B+ third graders in retaliation for the parents choosing to opt them out of STAAR math last spring.  Will you email the superintendent at or call him at (713) 556-6300 and the school board members to remind them that HISD must comply with TEA Code and that this grade retention of B+ students would not have happened if they were White and privileged? The question we should be asking is what is the purpose of HISD's anti bullying policy if not to protect families from this?  Read more

Class size waivers still rampant in Texas elementary schools

Three years after Texas public schools were slammed with big funding cuts, hundreds of elementary campuses in North Texas and across the state are still struggling to comply with class size limits aimed at boosting student achievement. Read more

Houston Matters Interview with CVPE Co-founder and President of HFT - "Tests do not feed children."

Houston Matters' Maggie Martin recently interviewed Ruth Kravetz, co-founder of Community Voices for Public Education, and Zeph Capo, President of the Houston Federation of Teachers. They discussed topics including the Houston ISD controversial performance bonus system and high-stakes testing. Read more

HISD merit pay tracks socioeconomic status

Interested in research showing that merit pay is tied to socioeconomic status?  Read more

How DC civil rights organizations got it wrong

In recent weeks, a few national civil rights organizations such as the National Council of La Raza and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People have vocally OPPOSED efforts to highlight the dangers of high stakes testing by students and parents opting out of annual assessments. We strongly disagree with their position.   Read more

HISD to scale back testing

Bye -bye to beginning of the year practice STAAR tests (BOY)! So long to mid year STAAR practice tests (MOY). Hello to a little more instructional time for our children. Thank you to CVPE, opt out parents and responsible members of HISD Admin and Board for taking a first step. High stakes testing is not a civil right. Learning is. Read more

Legislative Wrap-Up: The good, the bad and the ugy

The Texas Association of Community Schools wrote a Legislative Wrap-Up and said "The 84th legislative session is officially over. As they say, sine die. It is hard to know what tone to take in recapping the 84th legislative session. Read more

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