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Current Issues 2018-19

Sign the resolution against state takeover here.

Oppose state takeover of HISD. State takeovers make a mockery of democracy and have not improved schools when they were implemented around the country. Join a coalition of parents, students, teachers, elected officials and organizations.

Legislative Agenda 2019:

    • Repeal HB 1842 (State Takeover)
      • This 2015 law requires state takeover (or closure) if only 1 school does not meet the state's arbitrary bar 5 years in a row.
      • There is no evidence across the country that state takeover would improve student learning. If the state takes over HISD, it will be the first time in US History that a state takes over a school district based on standardized test scores.
    • Public School Finance
      • Clean teacher raise. Oppose tying teacher raises to STAAR performance. 
      • Adjust the school funding formulas to increase the state share so that we put more money into public education
      • Oppose "outcome-based" school funding that ties funding to student performance. This is a "persecute the poor" plan and should be opposed in all of its forms.
      • Oppose the governor's plan that caps property tax values and does not provide a source of revenue for public school funding.
      • Support Robin Hood (Chapter 41) revisions to cost of education index last revised in 1992. This should positively impact property rich districts with large numbers of students in poverty and still provide a safety net for property poor school districts with large numbers of students in poverty.
      • Increase the weights (adjustment above basic allotment) for students who are at risk, socio-economically disadvantaged, Sp Ed,  and ELL whose cost of education is higher than the allotment.
    • Support a two year charter expansion moratorium. 
      • It’s time for the Texas Legislature to enact a two-year TIME OUT on charter school expansion so that Texas can address the financial impact of charter schools on traditional public schools and develop a thoughtful, fair, and equitable plan that ensures the future of public education for all Texas children and levels the playing field for all public schools.
    • High Stakes Testing
      • Support HB 736 which eliminates the use of STAAR as a promotion standard in elementary and middle school grades and eliminates the use of STAAR as a graduation standard.
      • Oppose the A-F School Accountability System as discriminatory against brown and black schools and schools in poverty.
      • Reduce the number of standardized tests to no more than are required by the federal government and end the high stakes associated with the tests
    • Support legislation that reduces the school to prison pipeline.


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