Have you heard about this podcast about the future for our public schools? It is called, “Have you heard and it features public ed journalist, Jennifer Berkshire, and scholar Jack Schneider

But before you read anything else, would you call three infrequent voter friends and ask them to early vote by Friday at 7 pm for public education candidates? 

Here are the podcast links. You can listen to them in your car or before you go to bed.

Episode 145 - How the Critical Race Theory Narrative Took Hold-“how did the narrative about CRT take hold so quickly and resonate so deeply?"  How is this disinformation campaign, initiated in June 2021, being used to weaken public confidence in public schools and teachers?

Episode 144 - The Attack on Trans Kids and the Rollback of Rights- “GOP-dominated states have seen a blitz of legislation targeting trans students.” The 2021 CRT narrative blamed teachers. This more recent 2022 hate campaign blames families and even kids. When did it become okay to attack schoolchildren? 

Episode 143 - Moving the Goalposts- “What if data doesn’t matter? "That’s the question that has been weighing on education researcher Josh Cowen who has spent two decades studying school vouchers."

In this podcast, Cowen shares that the data is universally bad on how public school vouchers impact student achievement; that student achievement declines under vouchers are even worse than the declines during COVID.

And even with this incontrovertible evidence of the harmful impact of vouchers on schoolchildren, Governor Abbott and Republicans around the country continue to push school voucher bills. Listen to this podcast so you have the facts to fight back!

You can listen to the podcast on their website or anywhere you get your podcasts from, such as Spotify, audible, or apple podcasts.

Remember to triple your vote by calling/texting three infrequent voter friends to GET THEM TO THE POLLS. Early voting ends Friday at 7 pm. On Thursday night, all Harris County polling stations are open 7 am- 10 pm! Election Day is Tuesday, Nov 8.



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