Day of Action to Oppose the Hostile Takeover of Houston ISD 

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WHAT: Protests, sit-ins by parents and students to oppose the hostile takeover of HISD 

WHEN: Thursday, Apr. 6th - the day applications are due to be on the Board of Managers 

TIME: Elementary Schools 7:15 am-7:45 am, Middle Schools 8:15-9:00 am, High Schools: 8:15 am and during the day

WHERE: Various Houston ISD elementary, middle and high schools 30 - 45 min

WHY: To oppose the hostile takeover of Houston ISD and for community education about the takeover. State takeovers have failed all across the country. Takeovers worsen student outcomes, are discriminatory, and lead to more STAAR prep and school closures. State takeovers are part of an attempt to dismantle public education and democracy. Read more here.

CONTACT: Ruth 832-888-8389  or Cesar (281-919-3095) 


  • Begin 15-30 minutes before school starts to include teachers. Total time: 30 min-1 hr. LEAN to 30 minutes! 
  • Parents gather with their children in front of the school with teachers. Bring a sign, pass out petition flyers, set up a table with donuts, and talk about the takeover and how to boycott STAAR.  Ask people to sign the petition. It is at

  • End: Parents walk their children into school at the end. (Before ADA; tardy, not absent.)

Some high school students are organizing peaceful protests before school and during the day.


  • Outreach: Share the petition with everyone you know at your school. Talk to the PTO, teachers and others.
  • Ask us for the phone numbers of people at your school who have signed the petition and ask them to participate on Thursday. Remember, people want to do something to fight the takeover, but they do not want to do it alone!
  • Make signs ahead of time. We have two per school for pick up or delivery on Wed. Here are some ideas.
  • Materials to print or to request be delivered:
  • Point person: Some schools already have a point person. If not, will you do it?
  • Media: Media is being invited to some schools. Would you ask someone to record video and take photos? Is there a parent at your school who can speak to the media? Let us know their name.

Let us know you’re participating by filling out this form!

WHAT CAN YOU DO AFTER the Day of Action?