Kindergarten Teachers Speak Out for Children’s Happiness

How can teachers bring common sense and compassion to education policy? The research is clear. Academic training in kindergarten has no long-term benefit. In fact, it may cause long-term harm. Read more

Masks, state takeovers and ‘critical race theory’ are on the ballot as 4 HISD board members face runoff challenges

Local, state, and national issues are all influencing the runoff elections for four seats on the Houston Independent School District Board of Trustees. Early voting begins today. Read more

Three bad bills for Texas Schoolchildren

On Tuesday, August 24th, three very bad bills will be heard in the Texas House Public Education Committee Meeting at 10:30 am.  Read more

Tell HISD to say YES to Masks, NO to Money for Tasers and Other Police Items

As the school year begins, so do opportunities to speak at Houston ISD board meetings. There are two important items that CVPE will be speaking on at tomorrow’s board meeting (August 12, 2021): an HISD mask mandate and proposed additional funding for Tasers and other items for HISD Police. Can you speak on these items? Read more

Standing up for democracy, diversity and inclusion in our Nation's Classrooms

In late June, Governor Abbott signed into law HB 3979 that "restricts how current events and America’s history of racism can be taught in Texas schools." The governor has prioritized both a further expansion of undemocratic censorship and voter suppression during the Special Session that began last Thursday.  Read more

Ride the Bus to Austin to Fight Voter Suppression

Governor Abbott has called a special legislative session starting today, and he's making voter suppression his top priority along with critical race theory.   Can you join Labor in Austin on Tuesday, July 13th for the Lobby Day to Defend Voting Rights this Tuesday, July 13th! Read more

Good news and bad news in the legislature yesterday

The legislative session is over on May 31 and it's go time! First the bad news.   Last night the Texas House voted for HB1365, a “compromise” school takeover bill. This version keeps HISD and school districts all over the state in the TEA’s crosshairs and ensures that STAAR scores remain the be-all end-all for any struggling school.  Read more

Call today: Bad takeover bill vote postponed until Sun

SB1365 has been postponed until Sunday. This takeover bill is so bad for kids and schools that NO amendments will make it better.  Read more

Make just one call today: SB 1365 expands STAAR during a pandemic

On Thursday, the Texas House will vote on Senate Bill 1365, a bill that would make it easier for the unelected TEA commissioner of education to take over our local school districts. It makes STAAR even more high stakes and is an affront to democracy and local control.  Read more

TX Lege bills threatens public schoolchildren even more than before

This legislative session is so horrible for public education that the conclusion we may need to make is this:  Texas government is a threat to public schools and schoolchildren. Read more

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