Raise Your Voice for Teachers & Students at Thursday's HISD BOM Meeting!

[en español clic aquí]In this newsletter: HISD Board Meeting on Thursday and how to boycott STAAR HISD Supe Miles has forced children as young as seven to take four tests every day all year long. It is the height of hubris to pretend otherwise.  Read more

Must-Read Op-Ed: First-Year Teacher Unveils Takeover's Harmful Impact

[en español clic aquí] Yesterday, the Houston Chronicle published a brave first year teacher’s op-ed about the takeover in  HISD teacher: State takeover is hurting my students | Opinion.  Read more

Teachers have sickout to show up for kids

[en español clic aquí] Dozens of Houston ISD Teachers Call in Sick: Putting jobs on the line to defend Houston schoolchildren’s right to learn. Read more

Miles' teacher evaluation system is a debacle!

[en español clic aquí]

Teachers received a teacher screener email right before spring break. Brad Wray, an HISD teacher, summarized the various versions-

  • Version 1: You are good enough to stay at NES but don’t rest on your laurels or you’ll be out.
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Boycott STAAR. Enough is Enough!

[en español clic aquí] It’s STAAR season. Will you boycott the STAAR?Opt Out is a protest against the misuse of standardized testing data to assess and punish students, teachers, and schools.  Read more

Hundreds of parents speak out against takeover "reforms"

[en español clic aquí] Parents, students, teachers, and community spoke out in numbers yesterday about the harmful state takeover. They protested inside and outside Miles’ state of the district luncheon and at the HISD Board meeting last night.  Read more

Protest and speak at board meeting this Thursday

[en español clic aquí] Miles has created a culture of fear in Houston just like he did in Dallas. There are two ways to stand up for Houston schoolchildren this Thursday! Read more

To keep principals and teachers, Miles must go!

[en español clic aquí] Miles’ is conducting a crazy man's experiment on our schoolchildren – running off HISD’s strongest principals and teachers, harming kids and their futures, and making Houston an undesirable place for people to relocate their families. Read more

Principal evaluation system fails arbitrary and capricious test! Miles out!

[en español clic aquí]   On Friday, the Houston Chronicle reported that  “Houston ISD’s appointed Superintendent Mike Miles put about half of the district’s principals on notice Thursday evening after receiving results of their midyear proficiency screenings.”  Listen here to Mike Miles belittle and shame principals at a principals’ meeting earlier in the week captured in an audio recording. Read more

Parent Survey responses suppressed by Miles: Parents don't want NES in their schools

[en español clic aquí] HISD families are opposed to the state takeover and the harmful impact on students and their learning. Yet, in February, the state-appointed superintendent Miles announced that 19 more Houston ISD schools “chose to opt into” the New Education System (NES) for the 2024-25 school year.  Read more