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It’s STAAR season. Will you boycott the STAAR?

Opt Out is a protest against the misuse of standardized testing data to assess and punish students, teachers, and schools. 

Learn more at a virtual opt out meeting on April 1 (at noon) or April 5 (8pm.) RSVP here. Read more at-

All of this information is available at optouttexas.net.

Sign up to boycott STAAR!


  1. You have the legal right to refuse the STAAR and the BOY/MOY/EOY exams.
  2. Learning should be enjoyable. STAAR testing and endless test prep makes kids hate school and makes teachers leave the profession they love. Texas is too fixated on testing and accountability. 
  3. Parents and teachers have a right to know! The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has even warned schools not to inform parents of their right to decline "required" tutorials and summer school (HB 1416.)

Please tell TEA to stop pitting schools and parents against each. 

OPT OUT to protest the stranglehold that high stakes testing has on our children's education.

High stakes testing perpetuates inequality for low-income children, children of color, children who are English language learners, and children with special needs.  

You are making a statement that standardized testing should be low stakes and only used for diagnostic purposes. It should not used to shame children, fire teachers, and take over school districts. 

There is NO SHAME in opting out! Your child has unique gifts and talents. You are a good parent/caregiver regardless of participating in STAAR.

Boycott STAAR.



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