There are 34 days until the next round of STAAR testing. We are giving you a new reason every day to opt out as we count down to May 9! Tweet or post on Facebook with #34days34ReasonsToOptOut to share your reasons for joining the movement. 

Day 5: I opt out because using STAAR as a promotion standard unfairly punishes students for factors outside their control. 

Day 6: I opt out because second graders don't want to move to third grade, when testing begins. 

Day 7: I opt out because on many days my child never goes outside except to walk to the cafeteria or to the bathroom. 

Day 8: I opt out because children do not learn the same way or on the same schedule. 

Day 9: I opt out because I believe in assessment should be developmentally appropriate. 

Day 10: I opt out because for-profit testing companies received over $1 billion in the past five years, which could have provided so many other needed services to students. 

Day 11: I opt out because I believe in a rich curriculum that includes music, art and cultural studies. 

Day 12: I opt out because high school students are missing fundamental skills because their curriculum has been so narrowly focused on test preparation. 

Day 13: I opt out because free play has become nonexistent in elementary school. 

Day 14: I opt out because one bad day of testing eclipses a year of good grades and hard work. 

Day 15: I opt out because I want my children to see that standing up against injustice is the right thing to do. 

Day 16: I opt out because things will stay the same if I don't stand up. 

Day 17: I opt out because recess shouldn't be forbidden on testing days, or any days. 

Day 18: I opt out because the 2016 STAAR is in violation of House Bill 743 passed by the Texas Legislature. 

Day 19: I opt out because I want low stakes, diagnostic tests. 

Day 20: I opt out to stand up for my child's rights.

Day 21: I opt out because students with disabilities are often given little to no accommodations on these tests. 

Day 22: I opt out because STAAR prep has taken away afternoons, Saturdays, and even Spring Break.  

Day 23: I opt out because I am opposed to punishing students for factors outside their control.

Day 24: I opt out so there will be no data to close schools.

Day 25: I opt out because I dream of education that teaches the whole child. 

Day 26: I opt out because I want others to see it can be done. 

Day 27: I opt out because I had art, choir, and PE every day in elementary school.

Day 28: I opt out because I want my voice heard. 

Day 29: I opt out because I listen to experts in education; not politicians, corporate reformers or testing companies.

Day 30: I opt out because it can change laws like in New York. 

Day 31: I opt out because the achievement gap is widening. 

Day 32: I opt out because I have read the research. 

Day 33: I opt out because I trust teachers.

Day 34: I opt out because learning is not standardized. 




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