September 28, 2019
Contact: Claudia de Leon

Op-ed: Stop Using STAAR to Punish Children, Teachers and Schools- May 10, 2021, Op-Ed by CVPE members  

Houston Parents Face Back-To-School Dilemmas Amid Conflicting Messages From Leaders- August 10, 2020, Houston Public Media interview with CVPE parent member Christina Quintero

School takeovers fail. Is Houston next?-July 26, 2019, Houston Chronicle. Editorial by CVPE member Ruth Kravetz and AFT President Zeph Capo

A state takeover would only make HISD worse.- May 3, 2019, Houston Chronicle. Editorial written by CVPE members Alpa Sridharan, Coretta Mallet-Fontenot and Carmen Dueñas 

Coalition pushes back against potential state takeover of Houston schools -April 9, 2019, Houston Public Media

Parents Launch "Opt Out" Academy to Protest STAAR Test - May 10, 2016, Fox 26 News

Families Opting Out of STAAR Find Alternative School - May 10, 2016, KUHF 88.7 FM Radio

Michels: Parents Launch "Opt-Out Academy" for STAAR Protesters - May 10, 2016, The Texas Observer

Deleon & Kravetz: Why We are Opting Out of the Test - May 9, 2016 - (CVPE op-ed)

Hundreds of students to opt out of STAAR testing - May 9, 2016, KPRC Channel 2 TV (link to personal video of report here)

Hundreds of Students Across the Houston Area Opt Out of STAAR testing - May 9, 2016, CVPE Press Release

Opting Out of the STAAR Test: What Are the Consequences - April 28, 2016, CVPE members participate in a segment for NPR show Houston Matters

Parents Choose to Opt Out of STAAR - April 1, 2016, The Leader Newspaper, Letter to the Editor 

Local Parents Have Their Kids Opt Out of STAAR test - March 30, 2016, CW39 NewsFix

CVPE Member Dee Arellano visits radio show Proyecto Latino Americano - March 29, 2016, KPFT 90.1 FM Radio 

Why my daughter won't take STAAR exams this year - March 29, 2016, Editorial written by CVPE member Samuel Brower

More students opting out of STAAR testing - March 29, 2016 KHOU 11

Cientos de families no permitieron a sus hijos tomar examen estatal - March 29, 2016 Univision 45

In Protest, Parents Keep Students Home During STAAR test days - March 29, 2016, ABC 13

Community Voices for Public Education Supports Parents Who Opt Out, Hosting Creative Instruction for Grades 3-8 Students Opting Out of the STAAR Test - March 28, 2016, CVPE Press Advisory

KPFT coverage of CVPE's Opt Out Academy 2016 - March 28, 2016, KPFT 90.1 FM Radio

Houston's Opt-Out Movement Ramps Up Boycott This Testing Season - March 28, 2016, Houston Public Media 88.7

Coalition to urge HISD Board to dismantle high-stakes testing culture and promote adequate and equitable funding of schools in every zip code - March 7, 2016 CVPE Press Release

Andrea Watkins covers the Houston Federation of Teachers endorsement of the Opt Out Movement - March 7, 2016 Fox 26 News

Padres podrían decidir si sus hijos toman o no exámenes estales - March 3, 2016 Univision 45

Mellon: Teachers union sanctions test opt-outs - February 29, 2016,

Houston Federation of Teachers passes resolution in support of the United Opt Out of Testing Movement and Parent Organizing with School Chapters of the Houston Federation of Teachers - February 29, 2016, HFT Resolution and Press Release


Protests over standardized testing at HISD board meeting - May 14, 2015 KHOU Ch. 11 TV

High-stakes testing: Not just an 'upper-middle-class problem' - May 13, 2015

HISD clarifies summer school condition for students who opt out of STAAR testing - April 29, 2015 KPRC Ch. 2 TV

Falkenberg: STAAR 'war" escalates in HISD- April 25,2015

HISD STAAR warning to parents- April 24, 2015 Fox News Houston

Some parents say they're being "bullied" after STAAR opt-out- April 24, 2015 KHOU 11 TV

HISD Threatens Kids Who Opt Out of STAAR Testing With Summer School- April 24, 2015 Margaret Downing, Houston Press

Binkowitz: High-stakes testing in HISD stirs protest-April 21, 2015

Students 'opting out' of the STAAR Test- April 21, 2015 KHOU 11 News

Padres se oponen al examen STAAR- April 21, 2015 Univision 45 News


HISD Parents Opt out of Testing- April 16, 2015 CVPE Press Advisory

Texas Parents Challenge STAAR Testing- April 10, 2015 KTRK 13 News

Can Houston Parents Say No to State Required Testing- March 31, 2015

Educación para niños: Se reúnen representantes de distritos escolares del país - March 13, 2015 El Diario del El Paso

Khalil, Kravetz and Sung: The Precarious State of our Schools- February 17, 2015 (CVPE op-ed)

Progress or Precarious: Two Takes on the State of the Schools- February 12, 2015 KUHF Houston Public Radio

Houston State of the school Sparks Controversy- February 12, 2015- Fox News -August 29, 2014 Free Press

2013-2014 - June 17, 2014 KTRK TV

With No STAAR Score, Student Has to Complete Summer Project - June 16, 2014 KUHF Houston Public Radio

Boy won’t advance to 4th grade after confusion over state Staar test - June 12, 2014 KHOU TV

What Happened to a Third Grader when he didn’t take Texas standardized test - June 10, 2014 KUHF Houston Public Radio

Lee, Sridharan and Sung: HISD gets a failing grade on its teacher evaluations - May 7, 2014 (CVPE op-ed)

Corkin & McCoy: HISD has yet to justify closing Dodson Elementary - April 30, 2014 (CVPE op-ed)

CVPE members speak at HISD board meeting about closures- March 14, 2014, Houston Press

Kravetz & Lee: Fix process for closing schools - March 10, 2014 CVPE op-ed) (CVPE op-ed)

Santos: Corporate ideology should not dictate school philosophy - Feb 15, 2014 (CVPE op-ed)


Apollo Con: Poor results, focus on test prep show program failed to launch - June 18, 2013, (CVPE op-ed)

Thousands gather for school reform rally - Feb. 23, 2013 KUHF Houston Public Radio

CVPE's Amy Grimes and Anne Sung speak on KPFT - Feb. 13, 2013 KPFT Houston's Community Public Radio


HISD se pronuncia en contra de STAAR- May 18, 2012 Semana News

HISD joins anti-testing movement- May 11, 2012 Houston Chronicle

HISD Asks State Lawmakers To Put Less Weight On Standardized Tests-May 11, 2012 KUHF Houston Public Radio

HISD board gives initial approval of longer school day, OKs high stakes testing resolution-May 11, 2012 Bellaire Examiner

HISD board meeting and high stakes testing- May 10, 2012 Houston News 92 FM

Editorial: All that testing is perverting public education by CVPE Member Amy Grimes- April 6, 2012 Houston Chronicle (CVPE op-ed)