Miles is kicking kids to the curb!

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A year or two ago, CVPE published a graphic that said children sleeping three to a mattress in a house with no lights don’t need more STAAR testing, they need another mattress.

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Speak at Thursday's board meeting and more on cooking the books

[en español clic aquí] In this issue: Last HISD BOM meeting; Updated info on how Miles cooked the books for Biology STAAR, American Indian Studies and other news Read more

Miles lies again- this time about STAAR data

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HISD Superintendent Mike Miles has cherrypicked preliminary STAAR data to push his immoral agenda and to promote flashy headlines. 

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Governor's Proposed Curriculum: 94 Jesus References in One 3rd Grade Unit

[en español clic aquí] If the Texas Education Agency (TEA) has its way, all K-5 students will learn about the Bible in a revised reading curriculum shared with the public on Wednesday, May 29. Read more

Bond community meetings to placate public and more protests

[en español clic aquí] F Mike Miles is knee deep in fraudulent practices. That is why NAACP Houston, community and elected officials condemned the HISD bond, calling for a federal investigation. Read more

Miles wants us to go big or go home

[en español clic aquí] Recently, Miles told the media that he expected more pushback given the size of the district. Guess he is saying, "go big or go home." We take on his challenge. Read more

Speak at board meeting | Protest the rest of the week

[en español clic aquí] NOON DEADLINE TODAY to sign up to speak at the Thur 4pm HISD Board of Managers meeting. Protest Friday and Saturday around town. Blockwalk for Lauren Simmons. Read more

Miles insists there's ac when there's not AND his secret $20 M stash

[en español clic aquí] Miles has an almost pathological faith in his infallability, so he ignores what is in plain sight. He will not listen to experts and terminates anyone who disagrees with him. Several principals told him their schools had no power and no air- conditioning after last week’s tornado.  His response was “Yes, you do,” Read more

Has Mike Miles illegally moved Texas taxpayer dollars to his Colorado Third Future Charter Network?

[en español clic aquí] Today, Community Voices for Education (CVPE) called for a federal criminal investigation into allegations that Mike Miles siphoned millions of taxpayer dollars from Texans to his private charter school company based in Colorado. CVPE also called for Miles’ resignation and the reversal of TEA’s HISD takeover. Read more

Miles is stripping HISD to sell it for parts

[en español clic aquí] In this newsletter: Parent protests today | teachers, principals and custodians forced to resign | upcoming events This morning parents at Crocket Elementary, Browning Elementary, and Meyerland Middle protested the removal of their highly respected principals, teachers and custodians. Read more