Don’t let Abbott make more stupid TX laws

Help CVPE plan for the fight for public education this spring! Join us next Monday, Dec 5, on zoom from 6-7:15 pm. Together, we will determine what issues CVPE will focus on during the legislative session. RSVP here for the zoom link.  Read more

Thanksgiving, a great day to think about truthful history. Donate to CVPE

Will you do two things today?[En Español] Watch this documentary, “The Myths of Thanksgiving: Native American Perspectives on the Pilgrims at Donate or become a dues-paying member to celebrate Giving Tuesday. Read more

Speak out Thursday at HISD Board meeting

Recently, the superintendent and HISD Admin, in response to questions by several board members (Diegaard, Cruz, and Wade), stated that “ student performance” would be included in the metrics used to “right-size” the district.  This is coded language for closing elementary schools in poor neighborhoods of color using STAAR scores. Are we now rewarding schools whose parents have the money to hire tutors?   Read more

Vote today!

Today is Election Day! You can vote at any open poll in Harris County from 7 am-7 pm. Go to to find a convenient location. You can also vote at any open poll countywide in Ft Bend and Galveston Counties too. [En español] Read more

Listen to these podcasts- Vouchers, CRT and attacks on kids

Have you heard about this podcast about the future for our public schools? It is called, “Have you heard” and it features public ed journalist, Jennifer Berkshire, and scholar Jack Schneider.  But before you read anything else, would you call three infrequent voter friends and ask them to early vote by Friday at 7 pm for public education candidates?  Read more

Under 40? Have you voted yet?

This weekend is the only Saturday and Sunday to vote. Early voting ends next Friday, Nov 4. Election Day is Nov 8. This election is about the future of public education in Texas like no other.  Read more

Private school voucher scheme uncovered

Organizations around the state are working to undermine public education in Texas. After thirty years of controlling all of the top state positions, it is time for the Republicans to go. It is important that we are informed and support the people and organizations doing the work to uncover the chicanery of anti-public education fanatics. Below is an excerpt from an expose by Forrest Wilder in the Texas Monthly, published October 18, 2022. Early voting in Texas is Oct 24-Nov 4. Election Day is Nov 8th. The address on your driver's license does NOT need to match your current address. It is used for identification only.  Read more

Here are three things you can do this month!

Check out three things you can do this month to stand up for public education. [En español] Blockwalk for Public Ed, Oct 22 (Saturday) from 10 am-12 pm. Meet at 5206 Hershe, # B in Fifth Ward. RSVP here. When Beto wins, the appointed TEA Commissioner Mike Morath will be replaced. That means more funding, more respect for teachers, families and students, and the end of high-stakes STAAR testing. Be the change. Read more

Maga Republicans are pushing a horrible agenda

Will you attend or speak at the HISD Board meeting tomorrow, Thursday (10/13) night at 5pm? The self-proclaimed “MAGA patriots” may be showing up in force to proclaim anti-teacher, anti-diversity, anti-student, and anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric. To sign up to speak, you must register here by noon today. You will have one minute to speak. Read more

I believe in public education

In this critical time, let's listen to powerful pro-public education voices like Peter Greene. But let's also be hyperaware of the well-funded forces trying to dismantle public education.  Read "Peter Greene: I Believe in Public Education" published in 2021 followed by an excerpt from the harsh reality in The Disinformation Playbook Targeting Our Public Schools and Elections/ published this past month. "I believe in public education. [En español] Read more