the veneer of democracy is all you get

First there were three, then there were two. Now there is just one. [En Espanol] At the May 18th HISD Special Board Meeting, the Texas Education Agency Deputy Commissioner Lecholop told the public that there would be three public Board of Managers meetings in June. Since then, they reduced the number of meetings to two. As of today, there is now only one public meeting. Read more

no dollars for schools, state takeover and AJ Crabill

Oppose the occupation. This takeover will worsen inequalities. In the aftermath of the pandemic, it looks like the novice board of managers will focus even more on STAAR than ever before. Read more

Are they meeting in secret?

Mike Miles, the possible superintendent, apparently has a secret 200-page plan to quickly close 20-30 schools, charter some, and gut wraparound services once the takeover happens on June 1st. But Morath said nothing about that on Tuesday when he spoke to teachers.  Read more

Call this am to oppose vouchers and more testing

TIME SENSITIVE: Will you FLOOD the House with emails and phone calls from TEXANS saying No to VOUCHERS and NO to EXPANDING HIGH-STAKES TESTING from 20 to 48 tests! Watch the hearing live now. Read more

BIG BAD voucher bill is back and CVPE Zoom meeting Sat

REMINDER: Saturday (May 13th) CVPE Zoom meeting noon-1:30 pm to discuss the state takeover and Governor Abbott's attack on public schools. We will also watch a clip from "A Perfect Storm: The Takeover of New Orleans Public Schools" and discuss how these two power grabs are similar and lessons we can learn. RSVP at Read more

last board meeting with an elected board is this Thursday

This Thursday is the last board meeting before the hostile takeover of Houston ISD by the unelected and unaccountable board of managers.  If you are wondering why the BOM have not been announced yet, it is probably so they can meet in secret this month to get their marching orders from Morath. Once the board of managers are announced, no more than four can meet at a time without violating the open meetings act.  Read more

retired nurse forcibly removed from Abbott's rally

On Tuesday, Governor Abbott came to Houston on his statewide tour to try to dismantle public education. Like PT Barnum, he continued to sell vouchers as an "opportunity" for parents even though the $8,000 voucher is not enough to cover tuition at most private schools and even though his plan would eliminate protections for many families, especially students with disabilities. Vouchers are essentially a discount plan for the wealthy.  Read more

Hey Governor, give us sensible gun safety, not bounty hunters

The governor is using children, parents, and religion as pawns to promote an agenda of hate. And he is coming to town to do this. Can you join a protest to stand up for democracy and public education on Tuesday, May 2nd, at 5 pm? RSVP at Read more

Say No to Abbott's Takeover Tour

Governor Abbott is coming to town on his voucher/ state takeover tour on May 2nd. Can you join a protest to stand up for democracy and public education on Tuesday from 5-7 pm?  Read more

leasing a charter to yourself for millions

Charter school operators should not be allowed to make money hand over fist by leasing buildings to themselves when the funds are supposed to be spent on educating children.  HB 1707, yet another harmful charter bill, will be on the House floor Thursday, April 27. Here is the one-pager. Can you contact your House member today to oppose HB 1707? Read more