There's much you can do in January to stand up for public education!

[en español clic aquí] Happy New Year! Are you fed up with endless STAAR tests and test prep?  Join us today (Jan 3rd), Jan 4th. 6th or 20th to talk about ways to oppose the over-reliance on high-stakes testing. The STAAR test is used to narrow the curriculum, shame our children, fire good teachers, close schools in neighborhoods denied services for generations, and takeover school districts. Enough is enough.  Read more

Sham TSU partnership: all propaganda and spin

[en español clic aquí] Teaching is an honorable profession. Learning is a beautiful thing. Under normal circumstances, it’s wise policy to develop partnerships with area universities to increase the number of well-trained teachers for our schools.  But how can we trust Mike Miles who is more focused on propaganda and spin than on students? Read more

Unprecedented 58 campuses experienced principal changes since June

[en español clic aquí] "In the last 6 months, under Mr. Miles, public information requests show at least 56 schools have experienced principal changes. Two of these 56 campuses have experienced principal changes twice in just that short period," said Jessi Heiner during a speech at last week’s HISD workshop.  Read more

Death Star Miles announces fake data

[en español clic aquí] Recently, the courts sided with over 100 school districts across Texas that sued the Texas Education Agency (TEA) because of concerns over TEA’s methodology and timing of its new ratings. Guess who didn't join the lawsuit? Read more

No potty breaks, No wifi for our kids | NES teachers threatened with termination

[en español clic aquí] Democracy and local control matter when it comes to schools. We need more democracy, not less.  Before the takeover, HISD had an elected board accountable to voters. There was an agenda review board meeting on the first Thursday of each month for people to weigh in on the agenda ahead of the board meeting on the second Thursday of each month.  Read more

Forced pacing is harming our kids

[en español clic aquí] Forced pacing is an assault on our children. Unfortunately, it is front and center in Superintendent Mike Miles' takeover plan and is among the most harmful results of the Houston ISD takeover. It is as bad as the endless worksheets or the curriculum full of errors or inappropriate content like Prager U. It is as bad as Miles eliminating fully functioning libraries in 85 high-poverty schools. It is as bad as Special Education and bilingual laws violated at every turn and the culture of fear for teachers and parents. Read more

Donate on Giving Tuesday

Thanks for standing up for public education- for democracy, equity, access, meaningful learning, and respect for schools’ communities!   Support our work by donating today at  Read more

People's Report on HISD takeover at State Board of Ed

People’s Report: HISD State Takeover [en español clic aquí] Last Wednesday, sixty parents, teachers, and community members traveled to Austin to the State Board of Education (SBOE) meeting to provide the People’s Report on the Houston ISD State Takeover and its harmful impact on Houston schoolchildren. Read more

Make one call today: Vote No on Vouchers

[en español clic aquí] Can you make one call to a Texas state representative's office this morning? These 24 mostly rural Republican TX House members are loyal friends of public education, standing with Democrats holding the line for Texas schoolchildren. Read more

Harmful District of "Exemptions" with Miles at the Helm

[en español clic aquí] The district just executed a classic negotiating tactic with its revised district of innovation plan. Ask for everything then pull back some so it feels like a win. We must not trust this administration. Miles makes promises he does not keep; lies about what he is doing, and the board of managers rubberstamp everything he proposes.   Read more