Texas has chosen to abandon our public schools

Texas has chosen to abandon our local public schools, locally elected school boards, superintendents and our 5.4 million schoolchildren in favor of a “my way or the highway” single system directive by Texas Education Agency Commissioner Mike Morath. That’s why I’m standing up to say, “Whoa! Hold your horses, please, Mr. Commissioner.” Read more

Find a closet and teach in there

Last week, Cy-Fair ISD’s advice to teachers with health conditions was to "bring in a air purifier from your home or find a closet in the school and work there."  Read more

As the Coronavirus Comes to School, a Tough Choice: When to Close

More than 200 employees have been barred from work in Georgia’s largest school district. A high school in Indiana had to shift to online learning after just two days. And students in Mississippi were forced to quarantine after classmates tested positive for the coronavirus during the first week of classes. NY Times Aug 3, 2020 Read more

Opinion: We spoke to 28 education experts. Plans for reopening Houston-area schools are impossible.

We experience cognitive dissonance when we hold contradictory ideas. Experiencing these inconsistencies tends to be stressful and disorienting. In order to regain a sense of balance, we often engage in self-deception and ignore the reality of a situation. Read more

Students Should Never Be Pepper-Sprayed at School

Our students deserve more social workers, nurses, mental health professionals, and librarians and fewer police.  It is time to divest from school policing and to invest in our students and communities. Read more

Sign up to speak against DOI

Demand that the board discontinue the District of Innovation process at the HISD Public Hearing on Thursday May 28 at 5 pm. The chart at the bottom shows where we are in the process. Read more

DOI is an Unnecessary Solution to a Manufactured Problem

On Thursday night, the HISD School Board and the interim superintendent missed an opportunity.  No! That is too kind. They violated their moral imperative to come together for the public good in this time of crisis.  Read more

Energized to Exploit

Researched and written by Sarah Terrell and Ann Eagleton

The HISD Board of Trustees is set to vote on renewing the in-district charter school contracts for Energized for Excellence Academy and Energized for STEM Academy at the May 14, 2020 board meeting. (Agenda item F-2).

Read more

DOI proposal offers no real solutions for recovery in the aftermath of the Coronavirus

The HISD District of Innovation (DOI) proposal is a dangerous and unnecessary distraction from facing the problems laid bare by Coronavirus.  Read more

DOI should be DOA

DOI should be DOA. District of innovation status allows a school district to circumvent state education standards that protect students, families and teachers. These include exemptions that allow a district to abolish class size limits, abolish due process rights of parents and students in discipline proceedings, hire teachers without the protection of a contract, hire uncertified teachers, and change the school start date. Read more

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