SATURDAY CVPE Forum Update: Cool off in the AC!

We know that many in Houston still don’t have electricity. Others are cleaning their yards, throwing out food from their fridges, and dealing with damages and even death.  We want to respect where you are during this time. We have checked with the church and they have power, so we are moving forward with the Forum. Read more

Independence Day Reflections by Elected HISD Trustee Savant Moore

As the fireworks burst into the night sky this Fourth of July, these explosive displays evoke memories of my deployments, where each blast was a stark reminder of our fragility and sacrifice. Unlike many, I donned the uniform at 17, ready to lay down my life for this country. Today, I grapple with a different kind of conflict—a battle not on foreign soil but within the very fabric of my community. Many of us tirelessly advocate for unity and equity in our city. Together, we face the harsh reality that "co-location" is a euphemism for school closures, disproportionately affecting our predominantly Black and Hispanic neighborhoods. Read more

Lone Star Governance and how Miles became the de facto boss of the HISD board?

[en español clic aquí] On Thursday, “the acting school board rejected a progress report from HISD where the district stated it had not made any 'significant changes to programming or school options without conducting and communicating a research-based analysis of the effectiveness and impact on the achievement of board adopted student outcome goals.”  Apparently, Miles does not consider actions such as closing half of the district’s libraries, replacing more than half of the principals and teachers, and gutting wraparound services and college access to be significant changes. Read more

The TEA takeover of HISD is a failed experiment and the TEA should end it now.

[en español clic aquí] The exit criteria for ending the HISD state takeover are more stringent than the original criteria for initiating it, making it abundantly clear that the outcome was rigged from the beginning. Read more

These valuable tracts are OUR family jewels; Miles wants to sell them off in secret

Dear Councilmembers  I’m a CPA and spent much of my career as an auditor, so I take an interest in HISD’s financial issues.  At the City, we elect a controller to watch our money. With no elections at HISD, no one can be held accountable.  Read more

Miles is kicking kids to the curb!

[en español clic aquí]

A year or two ago, CVPE published a graphic that said children sleeping three to a mattress in a house with no lights don’t need more STAAR testing, they need another mattress.

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Speak at Thursday's board meeting and more on cooking the books

[en español clic aquí] In this issue: Last HISD BOM meeting; Updated info on how Miles cooked the books for Biology STAAR, American Indian Studies and other news Read more

Miles lies again- this time about STAAR data

[en español clic aquí]

HISD Superintendent Mike Miles has cherrypicked preliminary STAAR data to push his immoral agenda and to promote flashy headlines. 

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Governor's Proposed Curriculum: 94 Jesus References in One 3rd Grade Unit

[en español clic aquí] If the Texas Education Agency (TEA) has its way, all K-5 students will learn about the Bible in a revised reading curriculum shared with the public on Wednesday, May 29. Read more

Bond community meetings to placate public and more protests

[en español clic aquí] F Mike Miles is knee deep in fraudulent practices. That is why NAACP Houston, community and elected officials condemned the HISD bond, calling for a federal investigation. Read more