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Parents, students, teachers, and community spoke out in numbers yesterday about the harmful state takeover. They protested inside and outside Miles’ state of the district luncheon and at the HISD Board meeting last night. 

We need the checks and balances of an elected board that help to constrain a superintendent run amok. Miles needs to go! But right now, it is the governor who wields all the power. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

The principal screener is “theoretically” delayed until 2025 but, in Miles' own words, he “will continue to use instructional data  and student achievement data, written evaluation, and any other appropriate & relevant info in decisions affecting someone’s contract status.”

Nothing has really changed, just like for teachers. A couple of weeks ago, on spring break evening, teachers received their proficiency screener results via email. Many of the teachers with the most experience, whose academic results are strong, who are respected by students and parents alike,- are not even eligible to stay at their NES school. People should be evaluated in the workplace, but what Mike Miles has created is junk science. 

How many of our children’s teachers got an email saying they aren’t good enough? HFT filed a lawsuit that has temporarily halted the use of Miles’ pay for performance teacher evaluation system, but just like with principals, teachers continue to be terrorized.

How many principals who are considered exceptional leaders will be replaced with Miles’ sycophantic principal academy graduates?

TRANSLATION: Keep fighting. Miles is gaslighting the public again.

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Yesterday, parents, students, teachers, and community protested inside and outside Miles’ state of the district luncheon. Read more.

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