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Houston Community Voices for Public Education (CVPE) unites parents, educators, students, and community members of all identities to advocate for strong and equitable public schools.

We believe that all children deserve great public schools in which: 

  • Student needs are met. Funding is greatest for high-need children and targeted to counteract the conditions of poverty. Small class size is a priority. Schools are community hubs for social and health support.
  • Teachers are supported, fairly compensated, and given autonomy in their classrooms and a voice in decisions that affect them and their students. Recruiting and retaining good teachers and administrators is a top priority.
  • Standardized testing is limited and low stakes. The vast majority of instructional time is spent on well-rounded curricula and experiences that prepare students for college, career, and civic engagement. Standardized testing is used only as an infrequent progress check.
  • Prioritize funding, wraparound services and restorative practices for schools in communities that have been denied resources for generations due to racist and classist public policy

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Our Values

  • Equity — high-quality education for all, improving the conditions in which teachers work and students learn
  • Access — neighborhood schools open to all students, regardless of educational needs
  • Improvement — development and implementation of effective instructional practices and systemic change
  • Service — to equip all students with the knowledge and skills needed for college, careers, and citizenship
  • Democracy — Public, local, democratic, and collaborative management of our schools
  • Respect for schools’ communities — parents, students, educators and community members