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How do you opt out (grades 3-8)?

  1. Submit an opt out letter to your school at some point in the spring semester, even the day before the test. You can opt-out by informing the school that you intend to refuse the STAAR assessment by email or letter. Opt out Letter in English and Carta de Opt Out en español
  2. Inform the school to move your child to a non-tested grade level classroom for each first day of a STAAR administration. Alternatively, you may want to keep your child at home on the first day of a STAAR test for their grade level because the school likely won't have other learning activities available for that grade level.
  3. Your child can return to school for regular learning during the remainder of the testing window. They will not be asked to take the STAAR on make-up days as long as you have submitted an opt out letter.
  4. The STAAR will be scored as a zero.  (See post opt out “Know your rights” for more) 
  5. Decline HB 4545/HB 1416 summer school and tutoring the next school year. This is allowed by Texas law. 
  6. Your child will be promoted to the next grade level. 

Lots of useful additional information at txedrights.net/opting-out-step-by-step/

Note: If your child requires Special Education services and you need help with the ARD process, fill out the opt out form, bit.ly/optouttexas, and ask for a CVPE member to contact you.

HIGH SCHOOL: To graduate from high school in Texas, a student must pass five STAAR end of course (EOC) assessments (Algebra I, Biology, English I, English II and US History) or use a combination of several exceptions. These exceptions apply to most but not all students. These include a sufficient score on a substitute assessment; Spring 2020 COVID waiver, Special Education ARD, or IGC for up to two STAAR assessments. More details at houstoncvpe.org/high_school_opt_out.