HISD budget proposal changes again

No matter the funding model HISD uses, it is important to end years of under-resourcing schools in poor neighborhoods and end waste at the school and central office and in unnecessary contracted services. The priority must be at the school level- reducing class size (more teachers) and increasing support services (librarians, nurses, social workers, etc.) for students in need so they can thrive.  Read more

Texans for the Right to Read

I wanted to share this new coalition to fight censorship. Please join - it's free. We need a group as organized and powerful as Moms for Liberty. Together we can make a difference. Read more

Budget Debrief and endorsement meeting Saturday

If you missed the second HISD Budget workshop yesterday, join CVPE on Saturday for an HISD budget workshop debrief. Read more

STAAR, classroom censorship and stuff

Our individual and collective actions are impactful. Can you support students, parents, teachers, and schools by getting more involved? Read more

Texas refuses to fully fund schools, then leaves districts to squabble over recapture

School Funding matters. Below is the clearest explanation of Texas public education funding out there. Vote for state officeholders who care enough about public education to support full funding.  Read more

Kindergarten Teachers Speak Out for Children’s Happiness

How can teachers bring common sense and compassion to education policy? The research is clear. Academic training in kindergarten has no long-term benefit. In fact, it may cause long-term harm. Read more

Masks, state takeovers and ‘critical race theory’ are on the ballot as 4 HISD board members face runoff challenges

Local, state, and national issues are all influencing the runoff elections for four seats on the Houston Independent School District Board of Trustees. Early voting begins today. Read more

Report: Public school funding in Texas, Southern states lags behind nation

Texas ranks 40th in public education funding, according to findings by the Southern Poverty Law Center.  Read the article below to learn more.  Read more

Three bad bills for Texas Schoolchildren

On Tuesday, August 24th, three very bad bills will be heard in the Texas House Public Education Committee Meeting at 10:30 am.  Read more