You can opt out of MAP assessments (BOY, MOY and EOY)

[en español abajo] The state is using standardized testing data against teachers, students, parents, and schools.  You can fight the takeover and the over-reliance on high stakes testing by withholding your child's data. Below is a letter you can send to your school's principal to opt out of the MAP assessments. Read more

These are schools, not chain restaurants

After seeing some FB discussion about recent events at Cage Elementary School, where a district administrator threatened staff to either fall in line with the NES-A system or be reassigned to a new school, I felt it necessary to share some reminders and thoughts.     Read more

No amount of "good intentions" will normalize this harmful takeover

[en español clic aquí] Tell the superintendent and the unelected and unaccountable board of managers to stop harming our kids and communities. We want change, not a tired old script from 2012. Will you speak or come to the HISD takeover board meeting on Thursday at 5 pm? Carpool with a neighbor. Bring a book to read during the meeting or a sign (no more than letter-sized paper) to quietly hold up during the sham board meeting.  Read more

Miles does not want to be held accountable

[En español clic aquí] The takeover Board of Managers and Superintendent Miles don't want anything new. They don't want exposure, a light shining on the quality of instruction, nor do they want to be held accountable for either good quality instruction or poor quality instruction. Read more

Make Your Voice Heard

[en español clic aquí] The takeover board of managers has voted unanimously for all of Miles’ harmful policies so far. They are heavily influenced by TEA Commissioner Mike Morath who can replace them at any moment, Lone Star Governance trainer AJ Crabill, Superintendent Mike Miles, and other actors who have been meeting with them behind closed doors.  The managers may or may not listen to us, but we must speak up and then hold them to account. The ten takeover board of managers community meetings start tonight and continue through Sept. 20th. The format changed. No microphone. You can line up at tables to speak with one of the three takeover board members who attend.  Read more

No school is exempt from Miles' unhinged rules for classroom instruction

Miles' rules for how teachers must teach will harm children and demoralize teachers, students and parents alike. What parent wants a worksheet on the first day of school? Why is Miles militarizing learning? Read below, an HISD teacher's post that summarizes many of the changes. Read more

HISD BOM Community Engagement Meetings

Our unelected and unappointed board of managers is organizing a series of community events, following three-months of unanimous votes to suspend board policies and dismantle the Houston Independent School District (HISD). True engagement requires open dialogue and genuine consideration of community feedback. Please come out and ask your questions of accountability, legality, and the motivation behind these decisions. Read more

Days before school opens, Miles causes even more chaos

[en español clic aquí] Last Sunday evening, parents and teachers went door to door in Denver Harbor and Fifth Ward to talk about the harmful Texas Education Agency's takeover of Houston ISD and collect signatures for a petition against the district's new leadership. Read more

Time to fight back with your feet | Blockwalk Sunday

Join our block walk as we knock on doors and connect with our community. Make a difference against the hostile HISD takeover! Together, we can! RSVP: Read more

Miles is a narcissist; don't give him grace

[en español clic aquí] Instead of focusing on getting ready for a new school year, Miles and his staff put on a one-hour long musical production with Miles in the lead role. It was a self-aggrandizing move when he should have been razor-sharp focused on teachers, students and schools. Read more