TEA Deputy Commissioner says STAAR is not high stakes

The STAAR test is entirely online this year and will once again be used in the aftermath of the pandemic to close schools, takeover districts, shame children and worsen inequalities. Read more

Our children should not be used as bait

STAAR is used to make children hate learning, take over school districts, narrow the curriculum, close schools mostly in poor Black and Brown neighborhoods, and fire teachers and principals. It has become the only thing that matters in schools. That is wrong. Read more

Petition is now in multiple languages

The petition to oppose the hostile takeover of HISD by the TEA is now available in multiple languages including Spanish,  Vietnamese, Chinese, Tagalog, Korean, and Turkish. You can easily access the petition by clicking on these links, or directly from our homepage at houstoncvpe.org. Read more

Democracy dies in darkness - speak at the board meeting on Thursday

​​​​Would you be able to speak about the hostile state takeover at the Houston ISD Board meeting at 5 pm on Thursday?  Read more

Myth of the Benevolent HISD Takeover

By CVPE Members Ann McCoy and Jeremy Eugene After an in-depth interview with TEA commissioner, Mike Morath, the Houston Chronicle’s editorial board concluded that his “vision” was “more ambitious than we thought.” However, the commissioner’s ambitions for HISD and its students may be neither in the long-term best interests of students, parents, and teachers. They are also not what voters and taxpayers want.  Read more

Students & parents protest hostile takeover: Watch video here

On Thursday, hundreds of students and parents protested the hostile state takeover of Houston ISD. Watch a one minute video of protests at schools all over HISD here or @houstoncvpe FB, instagram or twitter. Read more

Thursday day of action

WILL YOU FIGHT THIS HOSTILE TAKEOVER? Can you join a family protest at your school before school on Thursday, April 6th? There are about 30 schools participating and counting. Parents gather with their children in front of the school with teachers. Bring a sign, pass out petition flyers, set up a table with donuts, and talk about the takeover. Sign the petition at houstoncvpe.org. Read more

TEA Lies & myth-busting

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) representative shared vague and sometimes false responses to questions at the four community meetings last week and in his interview with the Houston Chronicle editorial board. Here are six of their lies and the myth-busting facts TEA has not shared with the public. Read more

Morath spins more snake oil and things you can do THIS week

Can you join us this week to fight the takeover? RSVP at houstoncvpe.org/events.  Commissioner Morath has only found time to talk to business leaders and the Chronicle Editorial Board about the takeover. Read the editorial and some takeaways below. Read more

The fox is taking over the henhouse

As the Texas Education Agency continues to move forward with its hostile takeover of HISD we are getting glimpses of what lies ahead. Last week the TEA formally launched its recruitment and application process for the Board of Managers with two community meetings that were unmitigated disasters. The Houston Chronicle editorial board asked the question on all of our minds,  If TEA can’t run a meeting, how can they run HISD? Read more