Beautiful Day for a Car Caravan to Protect Students and Teachers

We are being pushed to our limit by Gov. Abbott's rush to reopen. We are gathering on Saturday for a car caravan to let Gov. Abbott, TEA and HISD know that we won't be silent and we are united for a safe reopening. You can also early vote at the end of the caravan! Read more

We all want to teach our students, but we want to do it safely

Teachers and parents are returning to schools on Oct 19, but the current reopening plan is NOT safe for students, employees or their families. Read more

Almost all of the kids who have died from COVID are Black and Latinx

Your voice matters. At last Thursday's HISD Agenda Review Meeting, “parents and teachers in one-minute bursts told of family and friends already lost to COVID-19 and fears that they or their children would be infected and become seriously ill or die." Read more

Flim Flam Plan

While the lion's share of the blame for not protecting the safety and well-being of the schoolchildren and educators in Texas rests on the governor, our school districts must be held accountable for weak plans. Read more

HISD is changing the rules in the fourth quarter

The plan changes every day. Schools don’t have adequate space to accommodate social distancing. Yet they are required to accommodate everyone who chooses face to face. Read more

Parents, let's choose virtual to save lives

HISD does not have a phase-in plan for safely reopening face-to-face on October 19th. On Tuesday, parents found out that they had just one week to decide whether their children would return to school face to face or continue virtually. Read more

Zoom and Tell Sat and HISD Board Meeting

HISD Board meeting Thur 9/10. Sign up to speak by 9:30 am Thur and Zoom and Tell CVPE meeting on Sat at 11 am Read more

If you thought HISD was opening virtually, you were wrong

HISD has been a leader in the nation by delaying the first day of school and starting virtually to prevent the spread of COVID-19. But on Thursday, close to 18,000 parents found out that HISD did not have enough devices for their kids and were told —by email— that their children would be required to attend school face-to-face at a digital learning center (DLC).    Read more

Charter applicant plans to teach Brer rabbit and slave dialect to children

On Friday, Sept. 11, the State Board of Education (SBOE) will vote on eight new charter school applications (18 school campuses) approved by Commissioner Mike Morath last month. Read more

Will Public Schools Survive COVID?

Will Public Schools Survive Covid-19? Long-term divestment has put America’s public schools in a dangerous situation, pitting necessary education against the safety of students, staff, and parents. By Belle Chesler Read more

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