will you sign this petition against state takeover?

At last Thursday's rally, about 150 students, teachers, parents, community leaders, and elected officials stood together in solidarity to oppose the HISD state takeover. Our message was heard loud and clear, but the work has just begun.  Read more

Fight for our democracy and our schoolchildren

Can you do these three things? SIGN THIS PETITION opposing the state takeover of Houston ISD. Read more

a state takeover will make things worse for our kids

Community Voices for Public Education is firmly opposed to the state takeover of Houston ISD’s school board. A state takeover of HISD would be disastrous for both parents and students. Read more

once in a lifetime surplus & CVPE Jan 21st meeting

The state legislature is in session! Governor Abbott, Dan Patrick and extremist legislators will oppose strong public schools at every turn. Find out what you can do to fight for public education at CVPE's Jan 21st meeting! Read more

can you send a short email to your HISD board member by Thursday?

Can you email your HISD board member today about the redistricting plans? Ask the board to 1) provide more time before a final vote on a redistricting plan and 2) draft a plan that keeps historically underrepresented Black, Hispanic and immigrant Southwest Houston communities together? Read more

working conditions for teachers = learning conditions for students

Happy New Year! Join us this Friday, Jan 6th, for the Holiday Celebration CVPE postponed due to the freeze. We will meet for good food (BYOB), music, and great company. RSVP at houstoncvpe.org/events for all the details.  Save the Date: SATURDAY, Jan. 21st: Join CVPE at 1 pm at Trinity Gardens Church of Christ for our next CVPE General Meeting to talk about the critical work moving forward. RSVP at houstoncvpe.org/events.   Read more

parents connecting with their peers for public ed

With so many extremist attacks on public education, it is energizing to hear about parents working in their communities to support public education. Below is an excerpt from an AFT voices article about just that. The article in full is here. Read more

Katy ISD says end STAAR stranglehold

Yesterday, Dec. 15th, the HISD School Board postponed the redistricting vote until after the new year. Thank you for asking your board members to provide more time for community input and the need for the new district maps to reflect Houston's rich demographic diversity. It is important that the adopted plan comply more fully with Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act to not dilute minority voting strength by fracturing or packing. Read more in the Houston Chronicle here and in CVPE's blog here. Read more

Let's end the use of STAAR

There are many many teachers, parents and other educators who support an end to the stranglehold that STAAR has on students, teachers, parents and community. Read more

Why is the HISD Board perpetuating the status quo?

The HISD board began discussing redistricting based on the 2020 census this past summer and looked at five possible plans. While we appreciate the work the board has done on this important issue, why was public input compressed to a few weeks during the holiday season? Read more