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What are we fighting for?

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End the takeover and restore local control. 

  • The takeover is not improving student learning.
  • An elected board is accountable to local voters, a hallmark of our democracy. The Board of Managers is accountable only to Mike(s) Miles and Morath.

Strong and meaningful student achievement 

  • Inquiry-based curriculum, equitably accessed across the district
  • Fully functional libraries that support academic progress and student curiosity
  • Ending the over-reliance on high-stakes STAAR testing 

High-quality, respected teacher corps 

  • Certified teachers with college degrees
  • Autonomy in the classroom so that the differentiated needs of students are met

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Save the dates:

  • Dec 5th and 12th: How to register to speak at a BOM meeting: Dec 5th and 12th.
  • Dec 7th: HISD Board of Managers work session. Sign up to speak by noon Wed.
  • Dec 14th: HISD Board of Managers meeting. Sign up to speak by noon Wed.
  • Dec 9th: Student Meeting about takeover at 10 am. Details forthcoming
  • Dec 9th: Learn how to opt out of STAAR; 2-3 pm, Kashmere Gardens Public Library
  • Dec 16th: Learn how to opt out of STAAR; 2-3 pm, Oak Forest Public Library
  • Jan 13th: CVPE General Meeting, 1-2:30 pm at Trinity Gardens Church of Christ


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