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Reminder: The deadline to register to speak at tomorrow’s board meeting is noon TODAY. Tell your story at the Thursday HISD Board meeting at 5 pm. 

The superintendent may not be listening but the public and the media are! Click here for instructions to register as a speaker. You will have 1 minute (150 words) to speak. More info about the board meeting here. Click the video below to listen to Ric Campo complain about the number of speakers.

Miles and the governor should take heed of Jack Schneider’s recent statement that “education reform” should begin by imagining schools that students want to attend and teachers want to work at.

If you cannot attend the board meeting, share your testimony in this takeover report form. Help the lawyers fight this dystopian nightmare.

At the state level, the governor is calling for an unprecedented fourth special session of the State Legislature to try to pass his voucher bill. It is an even bigger voucher program than what the governor tried to pass during the third session

Vouchers in other states go mostly to existing private kids and to sub-prime school providers. You cannot, using evidence, support both test-based accountability for public schools and school vouchers. On test scores, vouchers have some of the worst results ever seen. Vouchers and state takeovers are part of a coordinated nationwide attempt to dismantle public education.  Your hard work is paying off!

Public education is the cornerstone of a thriving democracy. Thank you for making your voice heard.



Working Together to Strengthen Houston's Public School System