This takeover will destroy our schools

Here is a flyer in English and español about the truth about Mike Miles and his harmful takeover plan. Read more

Pugh parents speak out and so-called "community" meetings

Can you stand up for public education tonight at MC Williams from 6- 7:30 pm? Read more

Miles Systemic Reforms = System Failure

LIE: Last week, Miles said that principals were begging to be added as NES-aligned schools. FACT: Miles is pressuring principals in Black and Brown neighborhoods to make their schools become “NES-aligned.”  Read more

Children everywhere deserve to be treated with respect

[en español aqui]  Can you fill the HISD board room at 5:30 pm today? Parents, families, teachers, and taxpayers, please come to 4400 W 18th St to quietly bear witness to the dismantling of public education today. This is the last board meeting until August. More details are here.  Read more

Is this how Miles plans to treat our children?

The BOM meeting on Thursday, June 22 might be the last time you are able to address the appointed, unelected Board of Managers face-to-face.  Bring your whole family this Thursday! Show up for Houston schoolchildren and stand up for democracy. To speak, you must sign up by noon Wed. RSVP and details on how to sign up to speak are here at   [en español aqui] Read more

King Miles has little use for board policy and democracy

Attend the board meeting on Thursday at 5:30 pm. RSVP here. Mike Miles is suspending lots of board policies (agenda here) so he can push through his dystopian vision for children, families, and teachers. Read more

Board of Managers can be replaced at any time by TEA Commissioner

On Thursday night, mothers, teachers, and others calmly shared their well-reasoned concerns about the takeover. Only when the board started their voting to suspend HISD board policy did the crowd object loudly. Watch the board meeting here. Read more

King Arthur's in charge now; no democracy allowed

[en español]The disenfranchisement has begun. F. Mike Miles plans to “reconstitute” schools that are mostly in Black and Brown Northeast Houston neighborhoods, while 7 of 9 Board of Managers live in affluent neighborhoods west of downtown. This Thursday the BOM will be voting to “suspend board policy regarding meeting dates, denying the public a regularly scheduled time to be heard. Written communication with the Board of Managers is currently unavailable to the public. Read more

unelected, unaccountable, undemocratic

The HISD occupation happened at dawn. Governor Abbott and the Texas Education Agency call all the shots now.  [En Español] Read more

the veneer of democracy is all you get

First there were three, then there were two. Now there is just one. [En Espanol] At the May 18th HISD Special Board Meeting, the Texas Education Agency Deputy Commissioner Lecholop told the public that there would be three public Board of Managers meetings in June. Since then, they reduced the number of meetings to two. As of today, there is now only one public meeting. Read more