Boycott STAAR. Enough is Enough!

[en español clic aquí] It’s STAAR season. Will you boycott the STAAR?Opt Out is a protest against the misuse of standardized testing data to assess and punish students, teachers, and schools.  Read more

Hundreds of parents speak out against takeover "reforms"

[en español clic aquí] Parents, students, teachers, and community spoke out in numbers yesterday about the harmful state takeover. They protested inside and outside Miles’ state of the district luncheon and at the HISD Board meeting last night.  Read more

Protest and speak at board meeting this Thursday

[en español clic aquí] Miles has created a culture of fear in Houston just like he did in Dallas. There are two ways to stand up for Houston schoolchildren this Thursday! Read more

To keep principals and teachers, Miles must go!

[en español clic aquí] Miles’ is conducting a crazy man's experiment on our schoolchildren – running off HISD’s strongest principals and teachers, harming kids and their futures, and making Houston an undesirable place for people to relocate their families. Read more

Principal evaluation system fails arbitrary and capricious test! Miles out!

[en español clic aquí]   On Friday, the Houston Chronicle reported that  “Houston ISD’s appointed Superintendent Mike Miles put about half of the district’s principals on notice Thursday evening after receiving results of their midyear proficiency screenings.”  Listen here to Mike Miles belittle and shame principals at a principals’ meeting earlier in the week captured in an audio recording. Read more

Parent Survey responses suppressed by Miles: Parents don't want NES in their schools

[en español clic aquí] HISD families are opposed to the state takeover and the harmful impact on students and their learning. Yet, in February, the state-appointed superintendent Miles announced that 19 more Houston ISD schools “chose to opt into” the New Education System (NES) for the 2024-25 school year.  Read more

UH Professor stands up for schoolchildren and teachers

[en español clic aquí] Come to the CVPE in person meeting this Saturday from 12:30-2:30 pm at Covenant Baptist Church. 4949 Caroline. Together, we can fight for our schools, our schoolchildren and teachers!! RSVP at Read more

Parents are very concerned

[en español clic aquí]Miles is razor-sharp focused on spin and propaganda. How else can one reconcile his statement that the overwhelming majority of parents, teachers and students love the takeover. Parents at Bell and Benavides would disagree. Young children are wetting themselves because they are not allowed to use the restroom during instruction per Miles. Read more

These boots were made for walking to get out the vote!

[en español clic aquí] Let’s help elect candidates who stand up for strong public schools and oppose privatization. We must continue to organize in our communities. We must fight for our legal rights in court and we must change the laws at the state level to help our schoolchildren have the schools they rightly deserve. Together we can. Can you join our two endorsed candidates this weekend to talk to voters? Read more

Mike Miles is putting our children at risk

[en español clic aquí] Mike Miles is right about one thing: adults are the problem. Adults inside the system who profit off our children. Adults who put them at risk. Adults like Mike Miles. "Some students have already been suspended," Miles said. "Walking out is dangerous for kids, and adults outside the system should not be encouraging that. It's not good for kids to be outside the school; it's not safe, and encouraging that kind of behavior is irresponsible for adults, especially adults who are not inside the school." Read more in this open Houston Chronicle link. Read more