HISD agenda opens the door for graft and corruption; it'll worsen inequities

[en español clic aquí]  There has never been a board agenda more horrifying than this one.  This agenda is not about children.  Read more


[en español clic aquí] Join us for a READ-IN PROTEST on Thur & 3 events tonight! Read more

Mike Miles' Myths and the truth behind his lies

At the HISD Board Agenda Review meeting on August 3, Superintendent Mike Miles shared a series of myths and lies about his shameful plans for our children. Read below for several of them. Read more

Stand up for Houston school children on SATURDAY!

Turning libraries into Zoom Discipline Centers is unconscionable! Miles is targeting 28 NES schools in communities already under-resourced in so many ways.  PROTEST SATURDAY at 9 am at HISD, 4400 W 18th St. RSVP houstoncvpe.org/events Read more

HISD's Final "Community" Meetings 8/1 & 8/2

Watch the full Q & A from the final two HISD "community" meetings hosted by F. Mike Miles and the BOM 8/1 and 8/2. Read more

Miles has Crossed the Line

[en español clic aquí] Miles has drawn up new policies that facilitate graft and corruption. If his new policies are approved, it will make it easier to hire anyone off the street as a teacher. Along with his decision to turn libraries into Zoom discipline removal rooms, we are in trouble. How can this be good for kids? Read more

July 29th HISD "Community" Meeting

Watch the full recording of Mike Miles July 29th community meeting.  Read more

July 27th HISD "Community" Meeting

Watch the full recording of Mike Miles July 27th community meeting.  Read more

HISD HR "asked" to Work Weekends after Department Layoffs

In the same month that HISD F Miles laid off almost half of the human resources department and less than a month after Miles required teachers at 28 schools to reapply for their jobs, many human resources employees were commanded to work extra hours, including weekends according to the Houston Chronicle. Other than to cause chaos and create problems, it makes no sense to lay off so many in HR, especially in light of the fact that the turmoil in staffing was initiated by F. Mike Miles. Read more

Sterile Cold and Cookie Cutter

[en español clic aquí] F Mike Miles plans to turn schools in Black and Latinx communities into sterile, silent places. And that is just wrong. Read more