REMINDER: The CVPE conference is Saturday and now more than ever...

The CVPE conference is this Saturday! In this difficult time, the first step towards healing our world is doing the work together. Read more

State Board of Ed vetoes Heritage charter today

This morning, the State Board of Education vetoed the far-right Heritage Classical Academy charter application in an 8-6 vote. This is a huge win for democracy and Texas schoolchildren. Read more

Demand Sensible Gun Legislation

Children and teachers should be safe in school. It is time for responsible gun safety. Read more

Out of state billionaires trying to buy SBOE seat

Early voting ends today at 7 pm. Please vote for Coretta Mallet-Fontenot — State Board of Education District 4 in the Democratic runoff for the open seat. SBOE District 4 covers a large portion of the Houston area. Coretta Mallet Fontenot’s opponent is Stacy Childs. Campaign finance committee reports submitted this week show that the Childs campaign had received $234,356 from Charter School PACs in direct and in-kind donations since the March 2022 primary. Read more

Can you answer this multiple choice question?

When a community has limited access to grocery stores, when STAAR scores are low and when the median income is much lower than the rest of a city, what is the right thing to do? [Hint: Read to the bottom to find out what you can do!] Read more

Do you think charter schools should teach that slavery is beneficial?

This week, the State Board of Education will be conducting charter interviews with new charter applicants who want to take limited public funds away from real public schools. One of the charter applicants is Heritage Academy. Watch the live stream interview at today (5/10) at 2:30 pm. Read more

Ya basta con la rendición de cuentas de STAAR.

El STAAR (el examen estandarizado estatal) disminuye el plan de estudios y daña desproporcionadamente a las comunidades que más nos necesitan. En las escuelas con mayores necesidades, esto conduce a una rotación alarmante de directores y maestros, lo que provoca una pérdida de estabilidad e innovación.  Read more

Ya basta STAAR accountability

STAAR narrows the curriculum and disproportionately harms communities that need us the most. At higher need schools, it leads to principal and teacher turnover at alarming rates, causing loss of stability and innovation. Read more

Baking in the poverty penalty

Can you email the HISD trustees and superintendent about the budget today? Texas is one of a small number of states that fund public schools based on average daily attendance. Within Texas, most districts fund schools based on the number of students enrolled in school (“enrollment-based funding”). HISD, however, funds its schools based upon average daily attendance.  Read more

HISD budget proposal changes again

No matter the funding model HISD uses, it is important to end years of under-resourcing schools in poor neighborhoods and end waste at the school and central office and in unnecessary contracted services. The priority must be at the school level- reducing class size (more teachers) and increasing support services (librarians, nurses, social workers, etc.) for students in need so they can thrive.  Read more