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Do you have friends who want to learn more about the hostile takeover? Here's a helpful primer in about 1000 words

Seventy-four people are speaking tonight at the HISD board meeting.Come to the HISD Board meeting at 5 pm at 4400 W 18th St or watch at houstonisd.org/livetv. There would have been more but HISD’s sign-up system inexplicably crashed yesterday morning. 

Speak at the State Board of Education meeting on Wednesday (Nov 15th) in Austin about the hostile and immoral takeover of Houston ISD. TEA Commissioner Mike Morath will be making remarks and your voice is necessary to correct his false notion that things are A-okay here.

Register HERE by Friday, Nov 10th at 5pm.  Sign up for the bus here. You will have 2 min to speak. Click on-

  • Register for the agenda Item listed as “Committee of the Full Board (November 15, 2023)
  • COFB Item 1 Commissioner's Comments
  • Your position on this agenda item is: “Comment on”

Here’s an excerpt from  Houston ISD Hostile State Takeover: Our Fight to Take Back Our Schools 

...The Houston ISD takeover puts politics over the needs of students, and is already failing students by prioritizing test scores and bizarre lesson plans over the needs of children and the will of our community…

...Since August, Miles has removed principals at the drop of a hat; teachers are quitting or being terminated in numbers never seen before; the unelected school board continues to unanimously approve his every whim, adding another $100 M to the budget deficit just last month. Miles’ every move seems hellbent on destroying Houston ISD… 

...Every day children in 87 HISD schools (as well as many non NES schools) must take a timed test over material they haven’t had time to learn. Teachers are not allowed to provide small group instruction and cannot provide children with disabilities their accommodations that are required by law. The top-heavy HISD leadership team punishes teachers who try to build curiosity and wonder into their lessons.

...Mike Miles is treating award-winning teachers like disposable widgets. Dozens of teachers have already been removed from the classroom or terminated for daring to ask basic questions. At one school, an entire faculty was told to implement the Miles plan with fidelity or be re-assigned. After two teachers respectfully raised their concerns, they were fired. Miles appears to be taking a page out of Pinochet’s playbook, reassigning or firing teacher leaders who dare to speak up at board meetings about matters of public concern. Miles has created a byzantine principal evaluation system based on mistrust of teachers and that incentivizes principals to rate teachers based on standardized test scores

Miles is taking Houston ISD down the road to perdition and our children are the losers.

Read the entire story at Houston ISD Hostile State Takeover: Our Fight to Take Back Our Schools.



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