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Miles’ is conducting a crazy man's experiment on our schoolchildren  running off HISD’s strongest principals and teachers, harming kids and their futures, and making Houston an undesirable place for people to relocate their families.

It is time to act. No school is safe.

Will you speak at HISD’s board meeting on Thursday, either in person or by Zoom? Instructions are here.You can sign up anytime between Monday at 5 pm and Wed at noon. 

Speakers to agenda items start at 5 pm and the hearing of community begins at 7 pm.  For help signing up, join CVPE at 8 pm on Monday or Tuesday night. RSVP at houstoncvpe.org/events

Watch your email for other ways to get involved next week. 

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Finally, did you know that Miles' teacher survey was not confidential? 

Miles' claim that “96% of teachers said they wanted to stay with HISD" is an Orwellian lie on a grand scale. Read more in the Houston Press and below.

"When we asked if answering that you weren’t coming back and receiving the pop-up withdrawal form moved that part of the survey out of the realm of confidential, this is the response we got from the HISD press office: The survey is not confidential and was not presented as such.” 

"A teacher at an NES high school said some at that teacher’s campus said colleagues answered "yes" on the survey  ‘due to fear of retaliation from the admin.’ A teacher at a school with high standardized test scores, said fully a third of the staff wanted to leave.”

Will you stand up for public education and for Houston schoolchildren?

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