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"In the last 6 months, under Mr. Miles, public information requests show at least 56 schools have experienced principal changes. Two of these 56 campuses have experienced principal changes twice in just that short period," said Jessi Heiner during a speech at last week’s HISD workshop. 

Will you speak at the “board meeting” on Thursday at 5 pm? You must register by Wednesday at noon. Click here for instructions to register as a speakerYou can also get help signing up at a short info session tonight from 8-8:30 pm. RSVP for Zoom link here. You can also email board services at [email protected] if you have problems with the sign-up link.

Now that the HISD board has quietly abandoned agenda review, the public has just 72 hours instead of almost two weeks to weigh in on board proposals. The dense board agenda packet is here. If you think traffic will get you, sign up for the last agenda item 17, minutes from previous meetings since the board hears speakers in order of agenda item.Agenda item 1 is the DOI proposal that gives Miles even more power to make decisions that harm kids.  Agenda item 2-3 promote endless testing. Agenda 11 gets rid of certification requirements for counselors. 

Speak about the custodian fired for taking approved leave to care for her dying husband. She returned to work two days after his funeral. Then HISD fired her. Speak about the prison-like conditions our children are enduring, the harmful curriculum or the about the unprecedented numbers of principal and teacher terminations and changes.

These numbers are higher than any 12-month period in HISD in at least the last four years, including during COVID-19. Houston ISD is averaging at least one principal change per week since the first day of school. Just last week, two more principal changes were announced, which will bring the total to at least 58 campuses experiencing principal changes.

Jessi continued, “Two non-NES campuses in my neighborhood lost highly effective principals this year. One was replaced three days before school started, and one was replaced one month after school started. Both campuses serve a 90% or higher population of economically disadvantaged families. The new principals at these two campuses have no principal experience, a year or less experience as assistant principals, and four weeks or less experience in the Principal Academy.”

“At a NESA campus in my neighborhood, public information requests show that in the first two months of school, our small elementary school lost a total of eight staff members, including one Special Ed teacher, two Special Education teaching assistants (TAs), two third grade teachers, two second grade teachers, two counselors, one teacher apprentice, and one TA. Public information requests also show that only three of those eight positions were filled as of November 1st. 

Mr. Miles before you call those who disagree with you naysayers and detractors, you should know that this information is “straight from the source” - your district."



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