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What has a Day in the Life of an NES third grader been like this year? Click here to see the lessons and the many DAILY 10 minute tests forced on children as a result of this harmful takeover.


NES Schools

-No books, No libraries
-Teacher lectures/STAAR practice 
-Daily tests before students practice
-Unengaging worksheets
-One-size-fits-all lessons, timed tests
-Makes learning frustrating

Great Schools 

-Students read books
-Learn by doing
-Practice new skills before test
-Creative learning activities
-Special Ed accommodations
-Make learning fun

Day in the Life of a Third Grader at an NES

school this year

Our kids need the OPPOSITE of what the takeover and NES bring to our schools. 

  • We need teacher retention and experience - the takeover is producing the opposite- a mass exodus of good teachers. 
  • Our kids need small class sizes - Miles supports the two classroom- one teacher model and where is the funding to sustain Miles' NES over-the-top spending?
  • Our kids need access to age-appropriate books that develop a love of reading - the takeover and NES remove library access and limit children to only read STAAR passages and excerpts. Last week on Houston Matters, F Mike Miles said, if kids want to read books, they can read them after school.
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