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About fifty Cage and Project Chrysalis parents protested on Monday morning about the NES-A policies that are harming their children. They organized the protest after teachers were threatened with termination and re-assignment last Friday afternoon. 

Last Friday, a top Houston ISD leader, Division Head Luz Martinez, scolded the hardworking teachers at Cage and Project Chrysalis for “failing to embrace and fully implement the New Education System and is now moving to terminate at least one teacher who spoke out with concerns about the model.” Read more from the Houston Chronicle at this open link.

The division head said, "You're going to have to think this weekend if this is what you want to do. If you're one of the teachers who is refusing to do the model ... you will not be here in this campus," Martinez said. "I will reassign you to another place because we are not going to be fighting this battle all year long." 

This is a smear campaign to discredit hardworking teachers who were implementing the NES model with fidelity. They knew that NES was hurting their students and continued to nurture and support their students while, at the same time, complying with directives from HISD Central Office. These are award-winning teachers whose school has received Blue Ribbon designations several times. There were two meetings on Friday, one at Cage and one at Chrysalis. At Chrysalis, a teacher asked a question about the program and HISD began termination proceedings against her the next day.

Share your concerns with the superintendent, the principal, and the division head.  Fill their inbox. Here are their emails:[email protected][email protected][email protected].

Here are the emails for the Board of Managers too: [email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected]

The principal, who has since been replaced with another Miles supporter, opted the school into the NES-A program despite strong objections from parents and teachers. The parents report that their children are coming home crying and discouraged. Mayra Lemus stated "my son has had three different teachers assigned to him in the first three weeks of school. This model is not working for anybody."

Project Chrysalis teacher Carr stated "We're being given this curriculum that's full of incorrect answers, bad content, incorrect content — and being told that it's our fault that it's not working," she said. The teacher said she has seen children stressed and breaking down in tears because they feel like they are falling behind or cannot pass the quiz that is now mandatory at the end of each lesson. 

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Stand up for families and teachers.

  • Join parents outside school 4-5 pm today in front of Cage Elementary School on Ernestine near Leeland or send emails using the email addresses above.
  • Blockwalk with CVPE on Saturday morning. Meet us at Class Bookstore, 3803 Sampson . at 9am. RSVP at houstoncvpe.org/events
  • Find out how to oppose the state takeover at https://houstoncvpe.org/join_fight.


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