Will you FLOOD the House with emails and phone calls from TEXANS saying No to VOUCHERS and NO to EXPANDING HIGH-STAKES TESTING from 20 to 48 tests! Watch the hearing live now.

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Here is a sample letter or public comment.

As a ___  (lifelong Texas resident, parent, teacher or voter), I strongly urge you to vote against S.B. 8.

This bill would expand the number of required high-stakes standardized tests from 20 to 48 a child would be required to take over the course of their K-12 experience. It will narrow the curriculum even more.

School voucher proposals have come up many times in the legislature, and deservedly died when they are recognized by members of all parties as what they are -- attempts to privatize education and shift funds away from public education. 

The latest iteration frames the issue as "parental choice," when in fact the real choice would lie with the private schools, which can accept or reject students at will based on which students are cheapest and easiest to educate. At-risk and Special Education students would be, as always, left to public schools with ever-tighter budgets.

PS: Thank the Democrats and Republicans King and Allison for their votes against vouchers last week and encourage them to vote no on this bill.
Since this voucher bill may get out of committee, if you live in Southwest Houston, call Houstonian State Rep Thierry and demand she stand with public schools. She changed her vote after the fact not to have a late night last minute voucher bill hearing and sided in support of holding one. 

Save the date
: Protest the hostile takeover of HISD on June 1st at 4:30 pm at HISD. June 1st is the first day in which the unelected and unaccountable board of managers and appointed superintendent Miles will meet in public. They have been meeting in private since early May to get their ducks in a row to quickly close 20-30 schools in Black and Brown neighborhoods, charter some and gut wraparound services. RSVP to houstoncvpe.org/events.


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