It is Budget Day in the Texas House. Watch here

Texas officials haven't distributed $17.9 billion for schools in the last 2 federal COVID relief packages. Some worry Texas officials will use the money to supplant (replace) state funding already in draft budgets in the #txlege.

Will you call your state rep and state senator today to make sure that federal relief funds go to local public schools? Representative Rodriguez' amendment to #SB1 would make Texas send the relief funds to local public schools.

  • Click here to write a letter.
  • Click here to call your state rep and state senator. You can tell them that-

"More than 40 other states have already begun the process of distributing Round 2 of the three rounds of federal stimulus funds. Now, it’s Texas’ turn. See who has sent schools the money they are due." Click the image below. -Raise Your Hand Texas.

Education stimulus dollars could have a big impact, not just on reversing learning loss but on local economies across Texas. See how districts are planning to spend the money.


1. APR 24: CVPE Meeting this Saturday at 11 am to defeat bad bills and get good ones passed. Guest Speaker IDRA's Ana Ramon.

2. May 22: CVPE Meeting at 4 pm. Guest Speaker HISD President Allen. RSVP here.



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