First time opt out parent Elizabeth Hernandez Cedillo explains in her own words why she is opting her daughter of the STAAR test this week.

"I woke up today and decided that I will OPT out my 4th grader. I woke up because I will never again let a principal tell me not to plan family summer vacations til after June because Staar results won't be back before school ends! Therefore, being told summer school is mandatory for every child. I woke up today because never again will I believe my daughter has to go to a mandatory 6 days a week after school tutorials because it is STAAR testing prep! I woke up today because I realized the public education has failed my daughter-- the curriculum is all about STAAR testing/books and worksheets and not the full education of real text books in real subjects like social studies and sciences. I woke up because I'm tired of thinking my daughter's great grades equals a great & substantial education. I woke up because I realized some of the grades on the report card aren't even for subjects she learns at school. I woke up today and OPTED out and hope other parents will have the same awakening! I hope HISD feels the "morning burn" from other parents like myself "exercising" our rights as parents to OPT out!"
Sincerely and thankful to be a wide awake parent,
Elizabeth Hernandez Cedillo

Way to go Elizabeth! To follow in Elizabeth's footsteps and find out more about opting out of the STAAR test, click here



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