It is time for the Texas Education Agency and the conservator to pack their bags and leave Houston!

Will you call the TEA Commissioner Mike Morath at 512-463-8985 or at [email protected] and tell him that local control and democracy matter?  

Local control and democracy are at stake. These state legislators and others have signed the resolution against state takeover of HISD. If someone is missing from this list, give them a call.

[THANK YOU] Congresswomen Sheila Jackson Lee, Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia, State Senator Carol Alvarado, State Rep Alma Allen, State Rep Gina Calanni, State Rep Garnet Coleman, State Rep Jessica Farrar, State Rep Ana Hernandez, State Rep. Jarvis Johnson, State Rep Christina Morales, State Rep Ron Reynolds, State Rep Jon Rosenthal, State Rep Shawn Thierry, State Rep Senfronia Thompson, State Rep Hubert Vo, State Rep Armando Walle, State Rep Gene Wu, City Councilmember Robert Gallegos,  Harris County Democratic Party Chair Lillie Schechter, HCDE Trustee Danyahel Norris, former HCDE Trustee Erica Lee Carter, HCC Trustee Carolyn Evans Shabazz, HCC Trustee Zeph Capo, HCC Trustee Dr. Pretta VanDible Stallworth and the Harris County Democratic Party [THANK YOU]

Call or email TEA Commissioner Mike Morath at (512) 463-8985 or [email protected] today. 

Use some or all of the SCRIPT below.

I am a Houston [parent, teacher, student, community member] and I believe in local control and democracy. I oppose state takeover of HISD and believe that it is time for the conservator to return to Austin.

Sixteen Houston area state representatives and state senators, two congresswomen, city council members and many other local officials and organizations have signed the resolution against state takeover. Thousands of Houstonians are unhappy with TEA for making a mockery of our democracy.

The conservator is interfering with local control, democracy and HISD's ability to ensure equity for ALL of our children in ALL of our schools. 

HISD is making strides and a takeover will harm our kids. HISD has a "B" academic rating, an "A" financial rating, school accountability results that are positive and has expanded wraparound services to ensure that HISD is supporting the whole child. Just last week the HISD Board and the Superintendent increased the minimum wage of HISD employees from $12 to $14/hr. As one of the largest employers in Harris County, this is a positive step for helping to improve the lives of fellow Houstonians.

TEA's interference is jeopardizing the upcoming November school board election and our ability to be represented by people we choose. The conservator is holding HISD hostage and interfering with the board's ability to set its priorities and choose its superintendent. The conservator's stranglehold on HISD is also interfering with HISD's ability to fight for more equitable distribution of resources. 

TEA's interference and the threat of takeover are hurting our children, particularly in communities with concentrated poverty.

Commissioner Morath, let HISD serve its city. Stop harming our kids and release HISD from your crosshairs. It is time for the conservator to go home. 




Working Together to Strengthen Houston's Public School System