Dear CVPE Members,We’re thrilled to inform you that CVPE and a hundred and fifty of its members joined the Save Texas School rally in Austin last Saturday. Members lined up for buses before 6am, energized and excited to raise their voices at the Capitol. After arriving in Austin, we wasted no time, and immediately joined the march alongside thousands from around the state, all armed with posters and chants about the detrimental effects of under-funding and over-testing.

STS Rally

Our voices were literally one of the loudest, and as a result, not only were we given an opportunity to speak on stage, but we were asked by Allen Weeks to remain on stage for about an hour, standing with Diane Ravitch, UT professor Angela Valenzuela and many others. While on stage, CVPE organizer, Anne Sung, conveyed CVPE’s mission to approximately 10,000 people and spoke about how CVPE is bringing parents, teachers and students together to end over-testing, return real learning to our schools, stop vouchers and fully fund public education. Next, CVPE member and Sharpstown High School senior, Jefferson Sanchez, spoke about how over-testing is affecting the quality of classroom instruction and how inadequate funding is eliminating important programs for students. Both speakers received tremendous applause.

In fact, Diane Ravitch (the former US Assistant Secretary of Education) said that the highlight of the rally was when she heard the HISD students speak (and also when we presented her a CVPE t-shirt). She said, “It felt like coming home.” A special thanks to everyone who joined us for the rally and to everyone who was there in spirit. Every voice counted – even that of our youngest member, three-year-old Madison! Each one of you truly made a difference.

If you were not able to attend, PLEASE contribute to CVPE’s mission by signing our online petition at: Every voice counts; make yours heard! Now is the time to also call our legislators:

Ruth Kravetz


teacher, parent, progressive, committed to public education equity and adequacy