When November 14, 2023 at 5:00pm 3 hrs
DOI Vote This Week 
On Tuesday, November 14th, the DAC will vote on the DOI proposal.  Sign up to speak by Monday at 5 pm. Click here to sign up to speak at public session before we vote. You can speak in person or via zoom. The sign up form is a simple form, unlike the normal set up.
The superintendent appointed 20 new members and, in collaboration with the unelected board of managers, removed DAC members who oppose the takeover and replaced them with individuals he thought would rubberstamp the district of innovation vote. 
Here is the final version of the DOI proposal. This includes an exemption that allows Miles to come up with his own bizarre teacher evaluation system. This will send teachers fleeing to other districts. Other exemptions include hiring uncertified teachers at the high school level, an extended school year, exemption from the 75% /90% attendance rule, the exemption for college visits, and an exemption so that a whopping 70% of HISD professional development will be provided by Mr. Miles' and his team, limiting campus-based pd to just 30% of the trainings provided. 

While dropping some of the exemptions, think of these concessions as similar to when Miles asked for a $2 million dollar ceiling for contracts needing board approval. The BOM took a “we heard the community’s concerns” victory lap when they granted a $1 million ceiling. Heads we win. Tails, you lose.

Read more here: "Houston ISD released a draft plan Monday evening to potentially exempt itself from 10 state laws, including teacher certification requirements, class size limits and rules about the length of the school year." 
Survey Results: The DOI Proposal survey received 792 responses. 516 parents, 245 teachers, the remainder identified as “other”. 96.2% said the DAC should NOT approve the DOI proposal while only 3.8% said the DAC should approve the DOI proposal. 
Will you come?