​​​​Would you be able to speak about the hostile state takeover at the Houston ISD Board meeting at 5 pm on Thursday? 

It has been a longstanding practice that the HISD Board includes in its agenda packet any presentations shared with the board so that the public can see those materials as well. We noticed that the agenda item 2 presentation by TEA regarding the transition to a board of managers was not included in the agenda packet. 

Will the Texas Education Agency (TEA) commit to sharing with the public all presentation materials shared with the Board of Managers?

Will TEA ensure that all meetings with the Board of Managers (BOM) be public, including those in May before the BOM are sworn in?

Sign up by noon on Wednesday here to speak. Sign up for agenda item 2 or 7. The agenda packet is at https://houstonisd.legistar.com/Calendar.aspx

  • Agenda item 2 (p 27) (presentation by TEA regarding transition to a BOM). Notice that there is no presentation in the agenda packet, just a blank page. 
  • Agenda item 7 (p 64): Adoption of Resolution concerning “local control” and putting either Alton Frailey or AJ Crabill in charge of the dismantling of our democracy. 

The fix is in. And so it goes.



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