DOI should be DOA. District of innovation status allows a school district to circumvent state education standards that protect students, families and teachers. These include exemptions that allow a district to abolish class size limits, abolish due process rights of parents and students in discipline proceedings, hire teachers without the protection of a contract, hire uncertified teachers, and change the school start date.

This is Texas. There are not enough protections for families, teachers and communities as it stands. DOI is a step in the wrong direction. 

Right now is not a time for pushing a proposal like DOI down the throats of an exhausted public.
It is time for HISD to be truly forward thinking. We want HISD to focus on solutions to the problems laid bare by Coronavirus- a widening equity gap, the lack of educational access, adequate nutrition, health care access and other critical services for so many neighborhoods and communities.
Would you #ThankATeacher and #ThankAParaprofessional on social media this week? It is Teacher Appreciation Week and Paraprofessional Appreciation Day. Also, ask#HISD how can you #ThankATeacher if you move to implement District of Innovation that threaten teachers' and students protections?
Would you also email your school board members and tell them to stand up for families and teachers in the time of Corona?