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Recently, the courts sided with over 100 school districts across Texas that sued the Texas Education Agency (TEA) because of concerns over TEA’s methodology and timing of its new ratings.

Guess who didn't join the lawsuit?

The lawsuit stated that “the new guidelines were released too late in violation of state law” and applied to students who had already graduated in 2022. Previously, a district in which 60% of students were considered career and college-ready earned an A rating. The new policy raised it to 88%.” In addition, the state rolled out a new version of the STAAR last year and required that the assessment be fully online for all students for the first time. 

F Mike Miles, operating as Death Star superintendent, continues to make decisions that harm public education and children, doing so for his own cynical purposes. His unilateral approach, using unofficial ratings with questionable data, not only undermines the collaborative efforts of education leaders and legislators but also jeopardizes the credibility of the education system. Miles's actions suggest a disregard for the well-being of students and communities, as he pursues his agenda at the expense of a fair and transparent evaluation process.

Will you speak at the school board meeting this Thursday to push back against Miles’ harmful decisions? For help registering to speak, join a Zoom call on Tuesday, 8-8:30 pm. RSVP for the Zoom link hereRegistration opens at 5 pm today and closes at noon on Wednesday.

Education leaders and legislators have shared numerous public comments that the purpose of the changes to STAAR calculations was intended to push the state toward more charter schools but Miles continues to disregard the needs of children.

Any data released by the Miles administration is highly suspect. It’s important to note that in 2022, HISD had fewer low-performing campuses than Dallas, Fort Worth, or Austin. Miles lies at every turn.

Miles is trying to make HISD look bad, so he can present himself as a savior. HISD is recovering better from COVID-19 than comparable districts. By coming up with internally created predictions about STAAR scores that have not been released anywhere, he is jeopardizing future enrollment numbers and future funding.

Is this what Miles’ prediction ring is telling him to do? Find out here what you can do in the fight for public ed!



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