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Mike Miles is expanding his harmful system to up to 40 more schools. Our children need rich meaningful instruction, more funding, more experienced teachers, and more wraparound support but not what Miles is selling.



Data should be used to decide where to INVEST in our schoolsnot to punish schools with NES prison conditions for students and teachers. Miles cut wraparound and homeless services severely. The curriculum he champions is full of errors and inappropriate content and parents last week were outraged that Miles produced a lesson asking 7th graders if slavery should be legal in Texas. In a Houston Matters Interview, the superintendent said they do not use books in class, and if kids want to read books, they can read them after school.  

Say no to NES. Vote no on the district survey; speak out for our children at the so-called information meetings and at the Houston ISD Board meeting on February 8th





Working Together to Strengthen Houston's Public School System