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On Friday, HISD teachers and parents protested the takeover in large numbers at a practice picket. We are standing up for meaningful learning in welcoming spaces, fully and equitably funded public schools, and respect for students, teachers and communities. 

Read more in the Texas Observer here  and below. Watch a video here.

“Extending a mile, a procession of protestors in red marched in front of the Houston Independent School District (HISD) administrative building last Friday to demand an end to the state takeover of Houston schools. Hoisting signs that read “HISD: Houston Invaded School District,” “Mike Miles—Killing Education One Apple at a Time,” and “Even Prisons Have Libraries,” 600 parents, teachers, and students gathered at the protest organized by the Houston Federation of Teachers to challenge the administration and policies of state-appointed district Superintendent Mike Miles. 

After the Texas Education Agency seized control of the district, Miles started the school year promising more pay and support for teachers and a more rigorous, standardized curriculum for students, particularly at the 85 campuses that are part of the New Education System (NES) program, curricular reforms Miles transplanted from his Third Futures charter school network 

But teachers and parents describe experiencing chaos since the start of the school year. Teachers have complained that the district’s curriculum does not follow the state standards and is riddled with errors and inappropriate content. Critics also note that special education services have been cut or legally required services have not been implemented under Miles’ rigid standardized curriculum. And when teachers and administrators ask questions, they face retaliation. The district has removed at least nine principals and more teachers from their campuses, reassigning them to other campuses, putting them on administrative leave, or recommending them for termination. Many more teachers and other employees have left the district in frustration. Students at HISD’s Debakey High School for Health Professions were left teaching themselves AP Physics for seven weeks in the absence of a teacher. 

“We do not want our children subjected to substandard learning. We are professional educators. We demand to be respected,” Houston Federation of Teachers President Jackie Anderson said at the protest. “Miles has made a lot of promises and those promises have been broken. He has created a broken education system. We want him out of here. Now.”

Read more in the Texas Observer here.

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