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HISD principal turnover hits more than 20% since the state takeover! Turnover is highest at NES campuses but parents at Bush ES, Ross ES, Love ES, Bell ESCrocket, Westbury HS and all over the district are expressing concerns at meetings"that recent changes to our school’s policies are detrimental to our students and teachers."

Listen to the children.

Will you attend the Read-In with a book today to support students and teachers? Bring your children and your books to the lobby at 4:30 pm. We'll be in the boardroom reading until at 6:30 pm, so come when you can! Meet us at HISD 4400 W 18th St. RSVP here.


Principal Lee left Madison High School because she felt Miles' policies were harming students. "It felt like a prison, because I have students breaking down crying in the hallway when people are yelling at them 'walk to the right,' 'carry your cones to the restroom...' it was stressful." 

Students at Madison are peacefully protesting about conditions for learning that make them feel like they are in jail.  “We walked out because our library is used for everything but reading” -from a student letter to the superintendent.  One of the student demands states that “HISD should let reporters know what truly is happening in schools. From firing teachers for speaking out to making it impossible for students to enjoy learning from their teachers and equally impossible for teachers to enjoy teaching…We have protested, spoken up, and retaliated against oppressive policies.”

UPDATE at 1:30 pm: At least fifty students were not allowed to return to class. At the end of the protest, a student leader advised all of the students to return to class during the change to the next class period. Most were able to enter the building, but about fifty students were locked out. They have been quietly waiting outside the front door since 11:30 am. Some have since gone home. Parents, initially denied entry to the building too, have been allowed in. Calls to the district have been unanswered.

Would he treat River Oaks parents and students like this?

Let’s reclaim our schools from Mike Miles. Our schools should be places for meaningful learning.  



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