I am opting my third grader out of Reading and Math STAAR on April 21 and April 22 and my principal shares my frustrations with STAAR and the nature of high stakes testing.


This morning I met with the principal of my son's elementary school to inform her of my decision to opt my son out of STAAR Reading and Math. I wanted her to know that I don't blame her (or the school's teachers) for STAAR, but that I'm opting out because I believe Texas students deserve better.

To my great relief, she was incredibly supportive and shared my frustrations with STAAR and the nature of high-stakes testing in general. She assured me that when it comesĀ time to advance my son to 4th grade she will be happy to look at measures OTHER than STAAR to promote him. She also offered to help me communicate with his teachers, assuring them that I am supporting them too by NOT supporting STAAR. As an educator and former Houston ISD teacher myself, I know too well the negative impact STAAR has on schools and communities.

For the sake of our kids, our teachers, and Texas education, it's time to say NO to STAAR.