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Reminder: Attend the HISD Board meeting tonight at 5pm at 4400 W 18th. Miles is terminating award-winning teachers tonight and Miles' chaos is hurting kids and their education.


This takeover is part of a coordinated effort to dismantle public education, with the governor pushing vouchers with one hand and school district takeovers and preemption with the other.

On at least 17 occasions, Texas Ed Commissioner Mike Morath has waived expansion requirements for charter networks that had too many failing campuses to qualify, according to a ProPublica and Texas Tribune analysis of state records.”

The hypocrisy here seems overwhelming,” said Kevin Welner, an education policy professor at the University of Colorado Boulder. “This is the same education commissioner who justified taking over the entire Houston school district based largely on one school’s old academic ratings…

One campus that opened because of a waiver from Morath is Eastex-Jensen Neighborhood School, which is just 6 miles north of Wheatley High School…Texas College Preparatory Academies, to which Eastex belongs, has opened the most schools as a result of the waivers. The network received two waivers from Morath despite having too many failing campuses. It also was granted waivers when the combined number of underperforming and not rated schools placed it below the passing threshold.” Read more in the Texas Tribune here

Can you?

  • Attend the 10/16 CVPE Zoom Meeting on Monday from 6-7:15 pm. Topic: State Takeover discussion/breakouts including how to file a complaint if your child is not receiving accommodations because of the takeover. RSVP here
  • Join HISD teachers at a Practice Picket on Friday, 10/20, 4:30-6:30 pm at HISD, 4400 W 18th. RSVP here.
  • Sign the petition: Fight Miles’ chaos and ask your friends to join 7600 people to sign the petition to oppose the takeover. Take us over 10,000!  



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