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Can you attend a parent protest at Cage ES, 4528 Leeland, at 4pm TODAY, Sept 27? 

Superintendent F Mile Miles may be intentionally skirting legal requirements and spreading misinformation to keep families in the dark. This shameful behavior needs to stop. It’s only hurting students and families.

Miles is retaliating against hardworking teachers and parents. Last week, Miles threatened to reassign or terminate Cage and Project Chrysalis teachers. This week he threatened to consolidate these schools with other area schools and to do so soon. 

According to HISD District Administrators and teachers who asked to remain anonymous, HISD Superintendent Miles was planning to merge Project Chrysalis with Navarro MS and move De Zavala ES students to Cage ES and was planning to make the move soon. Earlier this summer, both De Zavala and Franklin ES were moved onto open space at Austin High School near Cage ES while the schools’ air conditioning systems were to be upgraded. 

HISD Legal must have told Miles he cannot unilaterally close schools without following board policyHISD must include community input, follow a defined timeline and any closures cannot be made until the subsequent school year. 

HISD responded this morning to the media, stating “there is no truth to any of the rumors about changes (closures) at Cage ES or Project Chrysalis MS.” How can anyone believe anything he says? He's constantly backtracking and then gaslighting teachers and parents. Last weekMiles said “he already has a list of names of teachers who won't be needed due to enrollment numbers and upcoming school closures.”

He retaliates against hardworking teachers by threatening to re-assign them. He retaliates against hardworking parents by threatening to close their schools.

Will your teacher or school be next? We need to stand together!

Join parents outside school 4-5 pm today in front of Cage Elementary School, 4528 Leeland and Ernestine.

Here are the emails for the superintendent and the Board of Managers: [email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected]

PS: Yesterday, when F Mike Miles was at Cage, the air-conditioning was broken. As he was leaving, he was overheard saying, “It’s too hot in here. I will come back later.” The kids and teachers were left behind to take the beginning of the year MAP assessment in the sweltering heat.



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