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Happy New Year! Are you fed up with endless STAAR tests and test prep? 

Join us today (Jan 3rd), Jan 4th. 6th or 20th to talk about ways to oppose the over-reliance on high-stakes testing. The STAAR test is used to narrow the curriculum, shame our children, fire good teachers, close schools in neighborhoods denied services for generations, and takeover school districts. Enough is enough. 


Kids learn best when they are engaged, supported and valued; when their teachers are also supported and valued and when we end the conditions of poverty- food deserts, bad housing, lack of health care- that so negatively impact learning and life.

But Mike Miles and his lackeys repeat a mean-spirited and false counternarrative at every turn - that student literacy rates will improve with more endless test prep and standardized testing than ever before. 2 + 2 does not equal 5.

Let's ditch these STAAR tests and make some noise! RSVP for more details at houstoncvpe.org/events.

Join us on Saturday, Jan 13th, for the CVPE General Meeting.

Meet us from 1-2:30 pm at Trinity Church of Christ, 7725 Sandra St. We will discuss ways to amplify our power by uniting together to fight for public schools that support all children. We will also hear from several candidates who stand forcefully for public schools.  If you have not done so already, please pay your 2023-24 annual dues allowing you to participate in an endorsement vote for several state rep candidates. Our voices are our weapon! RSVP at HoustonCVPE.org/Events

Furthermore, now that the HISD board has quietly abandoned agenda review, the public has only 72 hours instead of almost two weeks to weigh in on board proposalsRegister to speak at the next board meeting on January 18th at 5 pm, either in person at 4400 W 18th St or on Zoom. To speak at the Thursday (1/18) Board meeting, register to speak anytime from Monday (1/15) at 5 pm to noon on Wed. (1/17.) Click here for step-by-step instructions to sign up to speak. Show up or speak up against the harmful changes that Mike Miles and the TEA are making on the NES and NESA campuses. RSVP at HoustonCVPE.org/Events

Finally, save the date for a US Department of Education (DOE) town hall on Jan 24th hosted by HFT from 5-7 pm at Ripley House, 4414 Navigation. You will have an opportunity to share your stories with representatives from the DOE about how this takeover is harming our schoolchildren and violating numerous state and federal laws. More information is forthcoming.



Working Together to Strengthen Houston's Public School System