On Thursday, the HISD School Board will be voting on one of the most significant across-the-board funding cuts in HISD history. These cuts (called PUA cuts) would affect every student in every school in every zip code in the district. Please email the Board and tell them that cuts should come from central office, not from PUA. These cuts should not hurt our children.


Thank you for the work you do as an HISD Board Member. I am a ____ (parent, teacher, student, community member) in HISD. I am writing to urge you not to cut funds to schools (PUA) when you deal with the $107 million dollar shortfall. I am also asking that the PUA vote be postponed until the central office budget can be examined more closely for possible cuts.

Facing this huge recapture by the state, HISD has an important obligation to look hard at its priorities and how its spending reflects those priorities. Please keep the cuts that this recapture will require as far away from our kids and our schools as possible. On too many campuses, principals are already unable to hire the personnel necessary to keep children safe, happy, and learning. How much more can our schools' budgets be cut?  How much more can our children lose? Before cutting school budgets, all other options should be exhausted.

The administration has already found $60 million worth of cuts at the central office level, and though this is a good start, it is not enough. We cannot find $40 million worth of cuts at the expense of our children.

Here are a few items that could be examined in the budget at the central office level. Cut the $500,000 annual EVAAS contract. Reduce the PR budget and SSO budget ($8 million mostly in admin salaries.) Keep PD in house. Cut contracts that have not been shown to help our kids (Leverage Leadership, etc.) Let's serve our children best by keeping funding nearest our children.