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The disenfranchisement has begun. F. Mike Miles plans to “reconstitute” schools that are mostly in Black and Brown Northeast Houston neighborhoods, while
7 of 9 Board of Managers live in affluent neighborhoods west of downtown. This Thursday the BOM will be voting to “suspend board policy regarding meeting dates, denying the public a regularly scheduled time to be heard. Written communication with the Board of Managers is currently unavailable to the public.

  • PROTEST this Thursday at Houston ISD, 4400 W 18th at 4:15 pm. RSVP at https://www.houstoncvpe.org/june8
  • SPEAK at Thursday’s sham board of managers meeting. Sign up by noon Wed here. Step-by-step instructions here. It might be your last time to speak.. 
  • SIGN the petition to oppose this hostile occupation of our schools. 

“I hope my child returns to a school full of strangers and a scripted curriculum with endless test- prep worksheets and no meaningful instruction, without a thriving school library, no music, large class size and no school garden. That’s the school I want my child to attend!”    – said no parent, ever. 

Mike Miles is NOT the person for this job. 

When Miles resigned after three years on the job (2012-2015), results were unacceptable.

  • Mike Miles says that all his schools are high performing. In fact, more schools in Dallas were low performing when he left the district than when he began his “reforms.”
  • Dallas ISD had a 19% increase in the number of low performing schools under Miles’ tenure
  • A Dallas Morning News analysis shows no consistent improvement in test scores, a decline in graduation rates, and skyrocketing teacher turnover

When Mike Miles left Dallas he was uniformly criticized for being a horrible manager

Miles’“New Education Schools” (NES) sounds new but it is just another unsuccessful “fire your way to excellence scheme.  He has stated he will require all teachers and staff to re-apply for their jobs at 29 schools, mostly in Northeast Houston. Teachers will be required to implement a rigid, scripted curriculum and teachers will be reprimanded for deviating from it. Some teachers will be paid substantially more, but will work a much longer school day. Teachers may be required to teach in person and on zoom at the same time. They will have one planning period per week instead once per day. Miles plans to eliminate librarians from these schools and will outsource wraparound services.

We’ve seen this playbook before. From 2010-2013, “Apollo 20” - a similar tactic to replace and move teachers in Kashmere, Wheatley, and other HISD schools - was a debacle. The program could not produce any sustained gains in math scores, reading scores remained the same, and enrollment dropped, despite a hefty $60 million price tag. Former Superintendent Terry Grier left HISD in disarray and it is about to happen again, but this time without the democratic guardrails of an elected board.

The replacement unelected Board of Managers has been carefully curated to look representative of Houston’s diversity. Because they were chosen for their willingness to rubber stamp whatever decisions F. Mike Miles makes, there will be no accountability -- from the dais or the ballot box.

With no elected school board to act as checks and balances against this would be king, the harm to our children may be permanent.

PROTEST this Thursday at Houston ISD, 4400 W 18th at 4:15 pm. RSVP at https://www.houstoncvpe.org/june8


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