There are many many teachers, parents and other educators who support an end to the stranglehold that STAAR has on students, teachers, parents and community.

We support public schools and their capacity as the heartbeat of a well-functioning multi-racial democracy.

Let’s end the use of STAAR for graduation.
Let’s end the use of STAAR to shame children as young as 7 years old.
Let’s stop using STAAR to evaluate teachers.
Let’s stop using STAAR for ranking schools (A-F rating system.) It does not help children at all; it just puts a Scarlett letter on communities.

Let’s fully fund our schools and all children’s futures. Let’s ensure more time for meaningful and inquiry-based learning and less STAAR.

What can you do?
Write your elected and ask them to sponsor or support a bill to do these things. None are required by the federal government. The state must change its laws.

If you are a parent, stand up by boycotting the STAAR this year. Join the mailing list of to stay informed.





Working Together to Strengthen Houston's Public School System