Texas has the 10th largest economy in the world but our state legislature only spends 140 days in session every two years.

So there is no time to waste to help them get things right! 

Will you make two calls this week to your state legislator, to members of the House and Senate Public Education Committee,  the governor or the Speaker of the House this week? Phone and emails are here and at texastribune.org/directory

Here are the powerpoint and sample letters from last week's CVPE meeting summarizing the issues so you know what to talk about including

  • Public Education School Funding and what we support and oppose. [No omnibus bill filed yet]
  • Who are house and senate public education committee members are and who we can count on
  • repeal HB 1842 and oppose state takeover
  • support a two year moratorium on charters and don't allow charters to exclude children with a discipline history (did you know that just one visit to the principal's office is all a charter needs to exclude a child but they get $1800 more per student in funding?)
  • oppose high stakes testing as rigged and detrimental to our children and our country

Click here to get information from last week's meeting so you can make calls and send emails today!



Working Together to Strengthen Houston's Public School System