Video of Q & A with Mike Miles and parents/teachers at Marshall Middle School. 

1. Question and Answer: Part 1
2. Questions and Answer: Part 2

His answers are vague and, in many cases, inaccurate. Let's all fact-check him together. Our kids deserve better than empty platitudes.

Can you help fact-check him on all of his comments? Here an example.

Miles responded to concerns about dual language being dropped by stating that he was not getting rid of dual language but instruction would be in English and later supplement in Spanish. FACT CHECK: Dual language instruction is not conducted in English. Dual language instruction is usually 50% English and 50% Spanish.

Our children need to be supported, nurtured, and loved like children in the more affluent communities not corraled into an NES school. Learning needs to be fun and engaging, so children become lifelong learners. Miles is offering zoom discipline rooms, scripted instruction, everything about STAAR scores, and teacher attrition so high that many students will return to schools full of strangers, no matter how well-intentioned the new staff is. 



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