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Mike Miles is right about one thing: adults are the problem. Adults inside the system who profit off our children. Adults who put them at risk. Adults like Mike Miles.

"Some students have already been suspended," Miles said. "Walking out is dangerous for kids, and adults outside the system should not be encouraging that. It's not good for kids to be outside the school; it's not safe, and encouraging that kind of behavior is irresponsible for adults, especially adults who are not inside the school." Read more in this open Houston Chronicle link.

According to ACLU and other observers, Miles and his team locked out about 50 kids on Thursday and did not allow them back in the building to learn, making his comments to the press ironic.


For Miles, it is all about the spin. Miles “allowed” five schools to opt out of the NES program to make it appear that parents and principals actually have a voice. Rest assured that no one really opted into the NES expansion to 45 more schools. Principals were coerced into supporting the plan at risk of job loss 

The overwhelming majority of teachers, staff, and students in HISD are not happy with the NES expansion to their schools.  Parents showed up in numbers at schools all over HISD over the last two weeks. Also almost 100 parents, teachers and students from schools all over Houston spoke out against the takeover and its harmful impact on our students at last week’s HISD BOM meeting. Listen to  what one Crockett parent had to say. 

You can watch the entire meeting here and other individual responses on instagram.com/houstoncvpe

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