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When people are elected to office in America, there is always a public ceremonial swearing-in to honor the newly elected officials and the democratic process. Miles is holding the swearing-in in a closet-sized room in private. It is at 3 pm today (1/11) and the board conference room will "remain open to visitors unless the room reaches capacity."

The elected board has been stripped of their power by Governor Abbott’s hostile state takeover, but they are still elected board members. Trustee Allen (D4) and Trustee Hernandez (D3) won re-election in November. Trustee Elect Savant Moore and Trustee Elect Placido Gomez were elected in November as well, replacing Trustee Blueford-Daniels (D2) and Trustee Cruz (D8.)

F Mike Miles is trying to delegitimize the elected trustees and raise the stature of the elected board by holding a private swearing-in ceremony for the four recently elected board members. There was no announcement to the public as is the custom, just a response to media inquiries stating that the ceremony to be held in the board conference room "will remain open to visitors unless the room reaches capacity." Feels a lot like East Germany before the Berlin Wall came down.

Democratically elected school boards are an important component of a thriving democracy.  Our appointed board of managers rubberstamp whatever Miles puts on the agenda, no matter how harmful to children. If they were elected, we could vote them out. But only Texas Education Agency Commissioner or Governor Abbott can remove them. The public has been disenfranchised and it is our children who suffer.

Join us at the CVPE meeting this Saturday. RSVP here.

We will discuss opt-out, and hold breakouts about the takeover and will have an endorsement vote in HD 142 and HD 146.  Hope to see you at Trinity Gardens Church of Christ, 7725 Sandra St from 1:00-2:30 pm. If you have not done so already, please pay your 2023-24 dues at houstoncvpe.org/donate.





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